Aaron Reed High Quality Stock Photography

The Benefits

   The benefits of using eye catching imagery on your blog or website are numerous. Here are just a few of the reasons you should consider using high quality professional images when attempting to draw a viewers attention to your writing or to your business website.


1. Get Attention


An image will catch a viewers attention faster than any sentence can no matter how eloquently these words are strung together. Our brains simply process our approval, or disapproval of an image in much less time than it takes to read a complete sentence. A successful image will grab a viewers attention giving you a few extra seconds to really dig your hooks into them with your words or your products.

2. Encourage Sharing

When you share your products or blog posts on social networks like Facebook, Google+ or Pinterest, you will have much higher engagement from your followers than you would with plain text alone. Social networks are becoming more visual in nature. When you share a link directly from your blog or website to one of these media outlets, the networks will scan your content for imagery and will chose one to post with your link. A text only post is very easy to look over with so many others are fighting for attention with great imagery.

3. Be Interesting

Because an image will be used as a thumbnail on your website or social media site, it will often be the first thing a potential reader will notice. Is this image one that they will find interesting enough to look further? If not, you may lose their interest before you even have it.

4. Emotional Connection

They say an image is worth 1,000 words and I would argue that a truly compelling image is worth far more. If you can bridge this connection with your audience, you have the opportunity to create longer lasting relationships and they will return to view your content regularly in an effort to feel that connection all over again. 

5. Tell Your Story

In today's fast paced environment you have a matter of seconds to capture your viewers attention. If they aren't engaged immediately they will move on without another thought. Attractive imagery placed through a website or blog will create movement inviting them to follow along and find out what happens next in your story.

If you want to take the next step and elevate your blog or website to the next level with engaging attractive imagery,  my entire body of work is available for license for both personal and professional use. Please fell free to tell me a little more about your project and the images you are interested in licensing below to receive a no obligation quote.

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