Black And White Landscape & Nature Photography

Monochrome Photography

Black-and-white photography is considered by some to be more subtle and interpretive, and less realistic than color photography. Monochrome images are not direct renditions of their subjects, but are abstractions from reality, representing colors in shades of grey. In computer terms, this is often called greyscale. Black-and-white photography is considered by some to add a more emotional touch to the subject, compared with the original colored photography.

Monochrome, grayscale or simply called black and white photography can be very powerful when showing landscapes and nature photography. The absence of color places more emphasis on the tones, contrast and interplay of light across an image, oftentimes making it more thought provoking.

Ansel Adams

Ansel Adams (February 20, 1902 – April 22, 1984) is one of the most influential black and white landscape photographers in history. Beginning in the early 1920's and spanning a career of the next 40+ years, Adams photographed many of the natural areas that millions of us enjoy each year and that the majority of us as landscape photographers deeply appreciate including the Sierra Nevada, the Desert Southwest and many of our National Parks.

Black and White Photography by Aaron Reed

While I prodominantly produce color photographs, I also enjoy converting existing images to grayscale when I feel they may show well this way. Below you will find a selection of these images, converted from my limited edition nature photography collections. I hope you enjoy the work you see here and enjoy browsing the rest of my website while you are here.