Can You Make A Living Selling Nature Photography Prints Online?

Can You Sell Nature Photography Prints Online & Make A Living?

 My answer to this question is absolutely CAN earn a very good living as a nature or landscape photographer selling prints online. I am living proof of this as I have been doing it now for over six years. The answer to your next question is a bit more complex. Did you say HOW do you do it? Like any other business, success comes to those who work hard, mixing passion and dedication with a product that people want AND are willing to pay for. Do you think that is you? 

 As an online retailer, your largest hurdle is simply how to get customers to visit your website. This can be achieved by paying to advertise, or it can be achieved organically through SEO and keyword traffic. The difference between the two routes is that one costs you money and the other costs you time. Which do you have more of? ;) Once you have customers at your doorstep, what do you do next? Will you be ready or let the opportunity slip? Will they want to return to your website and tell their friends and family about your business? or simply vanish back into the web to never be heard from again? 

The Power Of SEO

 The chart below is a report I ran this month showing the number of organic long tail keywords that my website ranks for versus my top 50 competitors. 

  While I have ranked for a decent number (100-150ish) of long tail keywords for the past five years now, you can see that I have really focused my efforts on increasing that number, bringing the number to over 400 last month. One hundred of these long tail keywords rank on the first page on Google. This equates to close to ten thousand SEO clicks to my website every month and would cost me $7500 a month if I were to pay for that traffic volume through advertising. While this is just one piece to the puzzle, the level of success I have been able to find selling my art online has afforded me the ability to sell over a quarter million dollars in prints every year now for the past five years in a row. 

The Business Of Nature Photography

  Now that I have your attention, I bet you think I'm going to try to sell you something. If you think that, you must have this all figured out. ;) I am passionate about nature photography and have taught in the field workshops to photographers since 2009. Throughout the years, I have also always been willing to help friends and even total strangers who frequently ask me questions about the business of nature photography. These inquiries became so frequent I finally had to take a step back and put a price on my experience and knowledge. After all, if I am taking the time to help make you money, how am I still making money? :) With this decision, the business of nature photography workshop was born. In 2018, my first Business Of Nature Photography workshop sold out in less than two months. My first workshop of 2019 also sold out very quickly. My next workshop is coming up this August and at the time of this writing still has spaces available. If this sounds like something you would be interested in, keep reading!  

Twice A Year In Seattle,Washington

  During this two day intensive classroom workshop I leave no stone unturned and teach you EVERTYTHING I know about building and maintaining a highly successful nature photography business! From just starting out, to monetizing your photography, building a brand and rising to the top I teach you step by step how I took my nature photography business from ground zero to where it is today all from my home office. 

  This event is unlike any other photography workshop you have attended and not offered by anyone else. You will be presented with detailed, highly valuable and sought after information that when applied with purpose and hard work, will afford you the opportunity to start, grow or take your photography business to the next level! If you would like more information about the workshop or would like to sign up for the next one this August, simply click here. If you would like to hear from past students who have taken this workshop from me, you will find a number of reviews on the main workshop page. 

One On One Business Consultation

 For those unable to visit Seattle for the two-day workshop, I offer a comprehensive business consultation package that is conducted through the exchange of proprietary printed documents and numerous phone conversations. You can learn more about this offering here.

Invest In Yourself

If you are serious about monetizing your passion for photography, building a successful business or simply making a bit of extra money on the side from your photography, this workshop is exactly what you need. I hope to see you there!