Top Twenty Interior Design Firms In Las Vegas

Luxurious Style In The City of Sin

Nestled in the heart of the Mojave Desert, Las Vegas shines as the entertainment capital of the world, yes, but also as a hub for visionary interior designers. Beyond the neon lights, high rollers, and vibrant nightlife, the Las Vegas Art Scene has flourished, with photography and art galleries found across the city both on and off the strip.

As a fine art photographer who has had thousands of large format wall art prints produced for me in Las Vegas, I have maintained a strong client base in the city, including one home, located in the Ridges in Summerlin, that has over thirty five of my limited edition nature photography prints displayed throughout the estate. With all the beautiful art produced, sold and brought into the city, there is a high demand for creative and highly skilled interior designers in Las Vegas.

In this exploration, we’re taking a look at dynamic fusions of creativity and functionality in an effort to spotlight some of the architects of opulence who have helped shape Las Vegas’ most cherished living spaces.

From the glitz and glam of the Strip to the plush, secluded retreats of Spanish Hills, join us in navigating the intersection of art and design that defines these desert homes.


Working With Professional Interior Designers

Interior design transcends mere aesthetics; it’s the alchemy of space, function, emotion, and atmosphere. Professional interior designers, sorcerers of this craft, wield the power to transform any environment into a harmonious symphony of style and utility. Collaborating with these experts is an investment in artfully curated living, where element reflects a personal narrative.

Beyond visuals, designers can help maximize space efficiency with organizational solutions. They possess an innate ability to capture individual tastes while ensuring a bespoke sanctuary. With a professional’s touch, the stress of decision-making fades, allowing clients to bask in the beauty of their space – calibrated to perfection.

Fine Art Nature Photography in Interior Design

Art Industry experts agree that two-dimensional wall art now, more than ever, holds a critical role in creating visually impactful interior design. An essential component of a modern home, the opportunity and importance of wall art is widely recognized by designers, interior decorators and influencers around the world. While most of us will never have the opportunity to own Leonardo da Vinci's "Salvator Mundi" sold for 460.3 million (adjusted for inflation) in 2017 or even Andreas Gursky's "Rhein II", Sold through Christie's New York in 2011 for just over 4.3 million, the opportunity to create visually stunning spaces with two-dimensional art IS available to us all.

As pointed out in a recent blog post on the Redfin blog, most home owners know little to nothing about art or interior design. All too often, wall art is only considered at the end of a room's design, after the furniture has been placed and walls given their decided appearance of colors. This is unfortunate, because when beautiful wall art is chosen thoughtfully as part of the design process, it can shape the feeling and dynamics of an entire space. While you may be unsure of where to begin or even why you should consider fine art nature photography as a focal point in your home or office, continue reading below for more information, inspiration and points to consider before you get started.

Tunnel Vision

Top 20 Interior Designers in Las Vegas

From avant-garde innovators to timeless visionaries, this collection showcases some of Sin City’s elite talents who redefine spaces with style, panache, and a touch of Vegas allure.

Inside Style Interior Design

Led by the visionary mind of Jill Abelman, Inside Style defines luxury residential interior design in Las Vegas. Inside Style creates organic and functional spaces by collaborating with a curated team of highly skilled artists and crafters.

Inside Style ensures precision in design, leaving an indelible mark on homes and fostering peace of mind for those who experience their transformative touch.

Interiors by Cary Vogel

Known in the interior design industry (on the East and West Coast) for several decades, Cary Vogel is an award-winning designer with a subtle yet captivating flair.

Interiors by Cary Vogel is an excellent choice for those seeking sophisticated, refined designs in both corporate and residential settings.

Parlor 430 Las Vegas

One of the top interior design firms in Las Vegas that handles commercial and residential design projects, Parlor 430 offers clients a wide range of services. This group specializes in color and fabric selection, shopping and installation, furniture and accents, as well as project management for minor restorations and renovations.

Statement of Style

Another award-winning interior design group, Statement of Style strives to demystify the interior design process so that the experience is more gratifying and enjoyable to clients. They blend creativity with functionality from consultation to installation to ensure each design reflects the client’s uniqueness. The commitment to excellence is readily evident in the meticulous attention to detail and personalized approach, and the resulting spaces embody style while enhancing the quality of life for inhabitants.

The Window
Transform your space with Aaron Reed's luxury fine art photography print, The Window, from his Panoramic Wall Art collection. Order yours today! Fine Art Limited Edition of 100

YWS Design & Architecture

A beacon of innovation in the world of design (and architecture), YWS Design & Architecture crafts immersive experiences that transcend conventional norms. Specializing in hospitality, entertainment, and gaming spaces, this firm combines artistic flair with architectural precision.

With a global footprint, their portfolio boasts iconic destinations that captivate and inspire. As trendsetters in luxury design, they consistently reshape environments, creating dynamic and unforgettable spaces.

Rituals Las Vegas

From concept to completion, Rituals embodies the essence of serenity and stability in modern interior design. Their knowledgeable team offers expertise in brand development, home decor, accessorizing, and bespoke art. With an intimate focus on the details, Rituals transforms spaces into truly personalized masterpieces.

Fabiola Avelino Interiors

In Las Vegas, Fabiola Avelino Interiors is synonymous with refined aesthetics and personalized design solutions. Elevating spaces to new heights, Fabiola and her team curate interiors that echo individual narratives.

Specializing in bespoke luxury, they infuse every project with a distinctive blend of timeless elegance and contemporary flair. With a meticulous eye for detail and a commitment to client vision, Fabiola Avelino Interiors transforms spaces into captivating havens of utilitarian style.

Joanne Lucia Interiors

For those in search of well-tailored elegance, Joanne Lucia Interiors brings dreams to life through a unique approach to interior design. With a passion for creating spaces that resonate with the desired energy and atmosphere, Joanne and her team take on traditional, transitional, and contemporary themes.

Joanne Lucia Interiors craft environments that are both visually stunning and deeply reflective of the clients they serve.

California Love

Waves pulverize the living rock in Garrapata State Park, along California’s central coast. The ruddy hues of ice plant beds create an illusion of imaginary fall as evening falls across the far West. Fine Art Limited Edition of 50.

Inhabit Design

One of Las Vegas's premier design companies, Inhabit Design is for those looking to get lost in luxury and originality. They work in commercial and residential spaces and provide a wide range of services including model home design, exterior colorization, color consultations, and retail procurement.

From conceptualization to actualization, Inhabit Design creates captivating trends that leave a lasting impression of contemporary elegance.

Encompass Studio

With over five decades of combined design experience in Southern Nevada, design principals Deb Hopson and Barrett Powley offer comprehensive interior design, architectural, and planning services. From crucial steps like site and building assessments to curating the finishing touches with furniture selection, Encompass Studio provides clients with a surprising array of services to ensure a gorgeous, well-planned outcome.

Room Resolutions

Embodying transformative design solutions since 2004, Room Resolutions provides an exceptional blend of simplicity, style, and comfort. They serve a wide range of high-end clientele, including the CEOs of Fortune 500 companies, industry leaders, entertainers, and other wealthy individuals.

For those in search of class that’s simple and subtle yet undeniable, Room Resolutions has a design solution for you.

Design Source Interior

With a dedicated focus on opulence and sophistication, Design Source Interior’s team transforms residences into personalized sanctuaries that look and feel amazing. DSI is committed to working with clients to achieve the exact design experience you are seeking for your project, and they have a dedicated team with years of experience that can make it happen.

If you’re looking to spruce up a commercial space, DSI can handle that, too, with the same attention to detail they give smaller projects.

Sweet Dreams

Golden light from the early morning sun illuminates a forest of beautiful aspen trees at the peak of autumn in Telluride, Colorado. Fine Art Limited Edition of 50.

WHL Design Group

Planning, project coordination, interior design, procurement – you name it, WHL Design Group can do it. Whether it’s for a corporate setting, retail, hospitality, or multi-family residential, it has an impressive track record and provides a wide range of design services.

By involving clients in every step of the design process, WHL Design Group ensures that they achieve successful, stunning results with each project.

Impressive Interiors

Impressive Interiors takes their namesake seriously and strives to provide exceptional design services to all their clients. By working closely with the client to develop a foundational understanding of design goals, desires, and expectations, Impressive Interiors develops a customized design that covers everything from major focal points to minute details.

As experts in the interior design industry, Impressive Interiors is eager to take on your next project and make fantastical design dreams come true.

Scorsetti Design LLC

Beyond expert interior decorating and catering to discerning clients, Scorsetti Design LLC provides personalized attention, guiding clients through a transformative journey for primary residence and vacation homes.

They go beyond aesthetics to offer access to exclusive design resources and specialized services. The result is a decorated space and a charming expression that enhances the joy of inhabiting the space.

Thomas Burger Design, Inc.

Drawing inspiration from the profound depths within, Thomas Burger Design, Inc., creates masterpieces that resonate with the quiet essence of each individual. Their philosophy goes beyond lifestyle to embrace and elevate the quality of life itself.

With a commitment to crafting homes that are more than structures but extensions of identity, Thomas Burger Design, Inc., seeks to create realms of freedom, beauty, and wonderment. Each design is a narrative – a living canvas that reflects and expands the unique essence of those who inhabit it.

The Empire

Iron columns of antique stone jut from the turquoise waters of Studlagil Canyon in Iceland. On their faces, the strange, geometric pillars bear the scars of millennia of erosion, chronicling the evolution of the very land itself. Fine Art Limited Edition of 50.

Marteen Moore

With a wealth of industry experience, Marteen Moore and her team effortlessly blend creativity, functionality, and style to craft distinctive residential and commercial spaces inundated with personalized flair.

From concept to completion, they collaborate closely with clients, ensuring each project accurately reflects individual visions. For full-scale renovations or simple room makeovers, Marteen Moore Interior Planning is dedicated to delivering inspirational, exceptional spaces that elevate daily life.

Las Vegas House Staging

Transforming spaces across Las Vegas for nearly two decades, Las Vegas House Staging specializes in creating captivating environments that make a lasting impression. As a certified professional home stager and redesigner, Las Vegas House Staging merges marketing expertise with real estate insights to enhance the appeal of properties.

Elevating marketing photos and creating inspiring spaces, Las Vegas House Staging ensures a quicker sale at top dollar, providing clients with ample peace of mind.

Metrospace Design Group, Inc.

Founded in the 1980s in California, Metrospace Design Group, Inc., stands as a well-seasoned authority in the interior design world. Having completed innumerable projects across residential, commercial, government, and model homes, their expertise now extends from their Las Vegas headquarters.

Metrospace Design Group, Inc. combines experience and remote capabilities to provide modern design solutions and products that serve a diverse range of needs.

Tara Dudley Interiors

Led by the award-winning luxury residential interior designer Tara Dudley, Tara Dudley Interiors boasts over 20 years of experience in the Las Vegas area. Renowned for creating comfortable and vibrant designs, Dudley’s versatility spans contemporary, modern glamor, and classical restorations.

The firm remains at the forefront of design trends and continually sources new products and solutions to meet clients’ evolving needs.

Perfecting Your Las Vegas Interiors

As the flashing lights of Las Vegas beckon, consider elevating your experience with the dynamic duo of a local design virtuoso and Aaron Reed Photography. Aaron’s impeccable fine art photography, coupled with a Vegas-based designer can infuse your space with an intimate, stylish allure. Together, these creative forces promise an unforgettable fusion of visual storytelling and curated living in the heart of Las Vegas.

Autumn Branches

Branches like arteries stretch in every direction providing the nutrients of life to the leaves of this Aspen tree in Ridgway, Colorado. Fine Art Limited Edition of 50.


The spiral branches of a Japanese maple end in explosions of electric gold in Kubota Gardens in Seattle, Washington. The blanket of barbed leaves is like a tide of flames climbing back up the ebony trunk. Fine Art Limited Edition of 50.

Dreams Of Lucidity

The blazing crown of a gnarled Japanese maple stands stark against the emerald tapestry of the surrounding vegetation. Suspended above the ringing waters of a reflecting pool, the diffused rays of the sun give the tree a numinous glow. Fine Art Limited Edition of 100.

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