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The Ten Best Las Vegas Art Galleries And Why Artist Direct Is The Smart Choice When Buying Fine Art

   In 2018 alone, over 42 million visitors from around the world visited Las Vegas to see the sights, gamble, dine and shop in the high end stores, boutiques and photographic art galleries located there. The city of Las Vegas, known historically as Sin City, has a thriving art scene found both along the Las Vegas Strip and in surrounding areas such as the up and coming 18b Arts District. The Las Vegas Arts district is an 18 block neighborhood located south of downtown Las Vegas and is packed with art and high end photography galleries, theaters and art inspired bars and restaurants.

  With this much beautiful art on display in one place, it is no wonder that Las Vegas has become a hot bed for both collectors and art connoisseurs to view, educate themselves about and ultimately purchase high quality photographic art. If you are planning to visit the Las Vegas area and want to see some of the top art and photography galleries during your visit and you would like to learn a bit more about high end photographic art before you go, you have come to the right place. I have compiled a list of the top ten locations to visit below, but before you finalize your plans I would like to take the opportunity to let you in on a little secret. 

 It is no surprise to anyone, with the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas that the art, along with everything else you will find there, can be VERY expensive. I'm talking new car expensive. The secret is that the same gallery quality photographic art that you find in the shops of Las Vegas can be purchased directly from artists outside the city with much more respectable pricing structures. Operating an Art Gallery in Las Vegas can cost upwards of sixty thousand dollars per month simply for the cost of the lease itself! Add in the costs of doing business and the cost to produce the artwork and you quickly see why artists and owners are forced to charge the incredible prices that they do. Because of this, many of these artists will lead you to believe that the photographic art you purchase there will appreciate over time or is an investment in order to close the sale. This couldn't be further from the truth as described in this article by the New York Times. 

Heavens Gate

Fine Art Limited Edition of 100 - Heaven is often described as a "higher place", the holiest place, a Paradise, in contrast to hell or the Underworld or the "low places", and universally or conditionally accessible by earthly beings according to various standards of divinity, goodness, piety, faith, or other virtues or right beliefs or simply the will of God.

Aaron Reed Landscape & Nature Photography: Gallery Quality Without The Gallery Price Gouging.

 Many previous collectors of work purchased from the galleries listed below have wised up to the hype of the Las Vegas Art Scene and have started looking outside Las Vegas for Gallery Quality Limited Edition Nature Photography. Personally, I have a large number of previous Las Vegas Collectors who have completely shifted to purchasing their Nature & Landscape Photography from me directly. The quality, materials and images themselves are equal to and in many cases better than what you will find on the strip in Las Vegas. You can also see for yourself, by reading the reviews of my past clients that the customer service that I provide is second to none. When purchasing art from me, you will always work with me directly, never pushy gallery directors or salesmen trying to reach their quota for the month. 

Fine Art Limited Edition of 50 - The Maroon Bells are an increasingly popular destination for day and overnight visitors; over 300,000 people visit the Bells every season. Due to the volume of people, a bus service runs everyday from 8am-5pm from mid-June through the first weekend in October. During these times, and with just a few exceptions, personal vehicle access is limited to those with handicap placards or disability license plates. The bus runs from Aspen Highlands to Maroon Lake every 20 minutes. The Maroon Bells scenic area features several hiking trails ranging from short hikes near Maroon Lake to longer hikes into the Maroon-Snowmass Wilderness.
Dancing In The Darkness

Fine Art Limited Edition of 100 - Antelope Canyon was formed by erosion of Navajo Sandstone, primarily due to flash flooding and secondarily due to other sub-aerial processes. Rainwater, especially during monsoon season, runs into the extensive basin above the slot canyon sections, picking up speed and sand as it rushes into the narrow passageways. Over time the passageways eroded away, making the corridors deeper and smoothing hard edges in such a way as to form characteristic "flowing" shapes in the rock.

fine art, limited edition,, photo


Leavenworth, WA

cracked, mud, Iceland, hverir, geothermal, mudcrack, fine art, limited edition, dragonskin,, photo


Hverir, Iceland

The Top Ten Las Vegas Fine Art And Photography Galleries For 2019

1. National Geographic Art Gallery 

2. Peter Lik Fine Art Galleries

3. William Carr Gallery

4. Rodney Lough Jr. Wilderness Gallery

5. Martin Lawrence Galleries

6. Bobby Wheat Gallery

7. Mario Basner Photography Gallery

8. SKYE Art Gallery

9. The Carnevale Gallery

10. The Arts Factory

The Benefits Of Buying Artist Direct VS The Las Vegas Gallery Experience

 The one benefit you will always have when visiting a Las Vegas Art Gallery is the ability to view the artwork in person prior to purchasing it. The question you should ask yourself is whether or not the ability to view the work in person is worth the additional 10-15k dollars you will end up paying for the art. As an artist who understands this challenge, I work painstakingly to ensure that the fine art photography that I offer is the same quality offered in Las Vegas galleries and more importantly, that the artwork you receive is visually superior to the images that represent the artwork in my online store

I have been selling fine art nature and landscape photography to collectors around the work now for over six years and during that time I have never had a single unhappy customer or piece of photographic art returned to me. I am an honest and kind family man, with two young children and take pride in providing value to my customers as well as providing my family. I always go above and beyond for my customers and will immediately and aggressively rectify any expected situation should one arise. Simply put, you can be 100% confident that when working with and purchasing art from me directly you will always receive the best photographic mediums available today, with top level service every time, at a price that will still allow you to send your children to college, buy that new sports car you've been wanting or, if you really want to, you can simply blow it all in Las Vegas. 

Let There Be Light

Fine Art Limited Edition of 50 - Kirkjufell (Icelandic: Church mountain) is a 463 m high mountain on the north coast of Iceland's Snæfellsnes peninsula, near the town of Grundarfjörður. Kirkjufell was one of the filming locations for Game of Thrones season 6 and 7, featuring as the "arrowhead mountain" that the Hound and the company north of the Wall see when capturing a wight.

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