Las Vegas Luxury Fine Art Landscape And Nature Photography

https://www.aaronreedphotograp... Late in 2016, I was contacted by Helga & Vlajko, potential collectors whom I now consider friends, to inquire about my EXPERIENCE LUXURY service. Helga & Vlajko had recently purchased an incredible 5,209 sq ft home located inside the The Ridges in Summerlin, an elite gated community in Las Vegas, Nevada set against the amazing natural backdrop of Red Rock Canyon. The builder of their new home had great vision and designed it with art in mind, fitting the entire home with gallery lighting and beautiful display spaces. Helga & Vlajko wanted to fill their home with beautiful photographic art and began their search for the right artist.

Vlajko personally met with a famous local gallery owner in Las Vegas to inquire about the purchase of a number of pieces for their home. Ultimately Vlajko found the personality and character of this artist to be unpleasant at best and his search turned to the internet for alternatives with similar artistry, stumbling across my work in the process. Over the next few weeks Helga & Vlajko combed through the Limited Edition Collections that I offer through my website, excited to find countless examples of amazing landscape and nature photography to choose from. After deciding they had found the art and artist they were seeking, they reached out to me via telephone to learn more about my me and discuss their vision for their new home. After exchanging thoughts about my work, my background as an artist and the details of their project we agreed that this was a great match and the three of us were extremely excited to get started.

Fast forward to a few weeks later and I was stepping off a plane in Las Vegas and on my way to meet Helga & Vlajko at their home. We spent more time in person discussing their ultimate vision & hopes for the project as they graciously gave me a tour of their beautiful estate. We moved from room to room, discussing artwork placement and dimensions that would best fit each space taking into account furniture and other elements that had yet to be delivered. After identifying a total of 25 display locations and the dimensions of each space we wrapped it up and headed to their current home to discuss the project in more detail and get down to the fun part of all this...choosing the pieces for each area!

The smallest space we identified was 30" x 45" with various areas and orientations up to and including the main entry where a staggering 74" x 116" framed piece would be showcased, impressing and inspiring everyone who enters, beckoning them to explore the remaining pieces throughout every room in the home. Above the main entry, a 40' tall gallery wall would showcase three 84" pieces from my Japanese Maple Tree collection captured in the winter, spring and fall.

Once these 4 main pieces were decided on, we moved through the rest of the rooms with Helga & Vlajko each choosing their favorites along the way until we have made the final selections. Here are the remaining 21 pieces that ultimately made up the collection.

With the Final 25 pieces chosen, I bid my new friends farewell and boarded a plane back home. The following day I made final edits to the images and placed them into production with my print shop. Each piece was hand finished and backed with ROMA recessed handmade Italian framing. The largest of the pieces was finished with an external ROMA Dark Ash Tabbachino frame and Linen liner. Thirty days later I was back in the air, returning to Las Vegas to personally oversee the installation of the pieces after they had been hand delivered to the residence.

Since then, Helga & Vlajko have added even more fine art pieces of mine to their collection, now with over 30 total pieces of mine on the walls of their home. Please have a look below at some of their choices for this project!

Beautiful nature photography connects with almost everyone who sees it and in the midst of our sometimes hectic daily lives offers a reprieve, relieving stress and creating a conversation piece in any home or office. I truly enjoy sharing my work with others and working with collectors one on one, turning visions for their homes and offices into reality. To learn more about my work, the design services that I offer and everything else you may want to know about my art, please visit my website. Thank you for taking the time to read my summary of this incredible project.

Thank you Helga & Vlakjo!

There are many beautiful art galleries in Las Vegas. Retail space in Las Vegas is incredibly high and as a result, artists and gallery owners are forced to pass these costs on to you, the consumer. Purchasing fine art photography from me allows you to own the same high end gallery quality art without the gallery price. In fact, you can outfit an entire home or business for the same cost as a handful of pieces picked up in a Vegas gallery. If you are interested in seeing more of my work, please visit my brand new website and do not hesitate to reach out to me directly with any questions you may have.