Framed Fine Art Photography

While one of the greatest benefits of acrylic face mounting as a fine art medium is its ability to be displayed frameless, there is no doubt that an externally framed fine art piece commands attention. Often times I personally prefer a fully framed piece, having both a finished and more luxurious look and feel. For those who truly want the very best museum quality art, I offer my Lumachrome HD prints externally framed with ROMA Hand Made Italian Framing and linen liners in your choice of colors.

Roma Tabacchino framing is available with all of my acrylic fine art pieces in sizes up to 120" wide. This moulding is available in 2", 3" and 4" widths, each with a height of 2" and a rabbet height of 3/4". This moulding is truly some of the world's very best Italian made moulding. My Roma Moulding frames are available in the eight styles below with your choice of four linen liner colors. In addition, I am now offering a brand new light aluminum scoop from Omega Moulding.


It takes skill, creativity and innovation to create a framed piece so beautiful that it not only enhances the medium (artwork), but the environment in which it is displayed. Good design, creativity, exceptional quality and the know-how to bring all of these elements together. This is custom framing to Roma. Our passion lies within the creation of unique and beautiful mouldings used in custom framing. Created for the skilled custom framer, Roma mouldings are the ideal choice for your treasured possessions.

1. Roma Ramino Satin Black - A flat, clean moulding when simplicity is your goal.

2. Roma Ramino Silver - A flat, clean moulding that looks great with white and off white linen liners.

3-5. Roma Tabbachino - A timeless, rich moulding. Available in Tobacco, Cigar Leaf and my personal favorite, Dark Ash.

6-8. Roma Arber - A Unique and contemporary moulding with a great sense of movement. Available in Dark Walnut, Charcoal Grain and Satin Black.

9. Omega Aluminum Scoop - A luxurious silver moulding that looks spectacular with a variety of imagery.

The Benefits Of Custom Fine Art Photography Framing

Externally framing your artwork has a number of benefits aside from the visual ones. Framing protects your artwork from damage both physically and environmentally, i.e dust, pollution and pests and can help reduce UV exposure. Framing also discourages the urge to touch the artwork, especially when a viewer is curious about how it is made.

The visual benefits of external framing complement design, allowing for subtle or dramatic contrasts, enhanced visual focus, the blending of natural materials such as wood or stone and many more. The framing processes that I use add an additional 10-14 inches to both the vertical and horizontal dimensions of the print, offering maximum coverage and impact in large spaces. The three dimensional qualities of the moulding I work with help to enhance the visual depth of my limited edition photographic works. Because there is no glass used in my framing methods, additional glare is non existent, allowing the artwork to be enjoyed as it should be, free from distraction.

Framed or Frameless | Either Way You Win

The gallery quality photographic prints that make up my limited edition collections are striking whether framed or frameless. Each has a variety of benefits with no drawbacks to either method of display. All of the moulding options that I offer are available at the same price point and can be decided on after purchasing a fine art piece. I am always eager to provide my insight, expertise and personal experience to help you choose the very best option for your space and your vision. If none of the nine options I offer meet your needs, I can source any modern moulding worldwide to be used in the production of my work.

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