Peter Lik: Are His Prints Backlit Or Illuminated?

Peter Lik: Are His Prints Backlit Or Illuminated?

 I am often asked by new collectors of my limited edition photography prints, if the artwork they saw on a recent visit to one of Peter Lik's Galleries is backlit or illuminated in some way. They describe the luminance of the artwork and how it appears to come alive under different types of light or changing light levels. They want to recreate this effect in their home, with my artwork, after viewing one of the presentations in the "special viewing rooms" that the Lik Galleries provide. 

 Many of my clients are past or present Lik Collectors and have been previously educated at some point about lighting their artworks. For others, they have no idea where to begin or how to achieve this backlit look for themselves. So what does it take to create this type of presentation for yourself? First, let's begin with the artwork. 

FujiFlex & Lumachrome TruLife Acrylic Prints 

  The first step to creating this backlit look with your art is beginning with the right image, produced using specific photographic papers. This look cannot be replicated with just any old photograph you have printed down at Wal-Mart. Like Peter Lik, I offer my work produced using FujiFlex Crystal Achieve SuperGloss Photographic Paper and proprietary Lumachrome HD Prints. For those who truly want the very best museum quality art available, I offer my TruLife Acrylic prints produced as contemporary float mounts or externally framed with ROMA Hand Made Italian Tabbachino Dark Ash Framing and linen liners in a range of color choices.  My limited edition prints are all produced in the United States, each finished and framed by hand in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

  The second step is to use high quality acrylic. All of my acrylic face mounted prints are produced using TruLife Anti-Reflective Acrylic. This revolutionary product delivers the highest-resolution viewing experience of photographic artwork available today. With lifelike colors, incredible depth and clarity, TruLife is the best way to show high end art. TruLife features a single-sided virtually invisible anti-reflective coating allowing viewers to see the finest details. TruLife also is UV-filtering, abrasion resistant, and anti-static offer uncompromising protection and preservation. 

  The final piece to the puzzle is the providing the right light for your display. Light that falls across and reflects off of the face of these prints is visually "trapped" within the acrylic glass and when properly lit, the artwork appears to be illuminated or back-lit. A ChromaLuxe (metal) print, while visually stunning, does not share this same reaction to light or apparent visual depth. FujiFlex SuperGloss and Lumachrome Acrylic prints have a silver, almost pearl-like luminescence that adds to the overall luxury feel of these incredible pieces. As various qualities of changing light fall across the walls of your home, the luminescence of the art changes as well bringing the work to life before your very eyes.

Gallery Lighting Effect In Your Home

  To recreate this gallery lighting effect in your home, I recommend using SoLux 4700k M16 Halogen Bulbs using a combination of spotlights and spreads. The ability to manipulate the direction and brightness of your lighting is critical for achieving the high end gallery look for your art. The team at SoLux is extremely knowledgable and can help you determine the very best lighting hardware for your particular home or business. It is best to hire a professional electrician to ensure proper installation of all lighting in your home.

 Soft ambient lighting in the room where the artwork will be hung also plays a large role in creating a backlit or illuminated look for your artwork. Room lights that can be dimmed during peak viewing times works wonderfully and create a beautiful mood in your home as well. Finally, the colors that you choose to paint as well as the accenting decor all blend together to create a masterful gallery feel. 

Aaron Reed Luxury Fine Art

The entire body of my work is produced as limited edition fine art prints, each held to strict production limits. While a small number of images are offered in editions of up to 200, the vast majority of my work is held to 50 total pieces each. Unlike other famous photographers who offer editions of 950 or more, an edition of 50 is truly limited in number, assuring the artwork you have is unique and only available to a select few.   

  Each piece is crafted by hand, inspected and polished leaving a lasting brilliance and shine with no detail overlooked. Finally, this fine art piece is finished and fixed with a deluxe Italian made ROMA recessed float mount on the reverse allowing the piece to hang without the need for an external frame of any kind. This process offers a clean, gallery quality presentation and modern look that will dramatically enhance any private home or business facility.

 I consider myself very fortunate that my work is so well received by art lovers and collectors alike, with many finished pieces selling each week in sizes up to 96” wide. One Artist Proof (AP) and one First Printing (FP) are available for each piece in my collection.

 I take great pride in making myself available to my customers and my customer reviews from past clients speak for themselves. I look forward to answering any questions you may have and return all inquiries within 12-24 hours. I can be reached via email and telephone around the clock. Thank you again for your interest in my work. Please return regularly to see my latest work and consider sharing this website with your friends and families.

Dragon's Breath

Fine Art Limited Edition of 200 - This piece is currently over 95% Sold Out, with less than 10 total pieces remaining in the edition. As a result, pricing for this piece has moved into the second tier. Acer palmatum, commonly known as palmate maple, Japanese maple or smooth Japanese-maple (Japanese: irohamomiji, イロハモミジ, or momiji, 紅葉), is a species of woody plant native to Japan, China, Korea, eastern Mongolia, and southeast Russia. Many different cultivars of this maple have been selected and they are grown worldwide for their large variety of attractive forms, leaf shapes, and spectacular colors.