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Roma | Made With Passion In Italy

Custom Framing is personally selecting a frame and/or mat board with the assistance of a professional framer to compliment and/or preserve various art mediums or memorabilia. It takes skill, creativity and innovation to create a framed piece so beautiful that it not only enhances the medium (artwork), but the environment in which it is displayed. Good design, creativity, exceptional quality and the know-how to bring all of these elements together. This is custom framing to Roma. Our passion lies within the creation of unique and beautiful mouldings used in custom framing. Created for the skilled custom framer, Roma mouldings are the ideal choice for your treasured possessions.

Dark Ash Tabbachino Moulding

 The detailed texture of the “piuma di ulivo” is achieved through various hand applications; thus preserving the warmth and beauty of the unique aged by nature’s elements that roll across the hills of the Tuscan countryside. This moulding has a beautiful dark luxurious color that reacts to changing lighting conditions revealing textures and details found in the surface of the wood. 

Roma Tabacchino framing is available with all of my acrylic fine art pieces in sizes up to 100" wide. This moulding is available in 2", 3" and 4" widths, each with a height of 2" and a rabbet height of 3/4". This moulding is truly some of the world's very best Italian made moulding. The pricing I am able to offer is far below the retail prices you would pay at a local frame shop where a frame alone can far exceed $3000 when assembled. A limited number of other colors and styles of Tabbachino framing may be available with your choice of 4 linen liner colors.