Information | Aaron Reed Luxury Fine Art Prints: Introducing: The Briefcase

The Challenge

  As an artist who promotes and sells his work primarily through an online store, I am faced with the challenge of selling a product to customers sight unseen. I am forever grateful to the hundreds of customers each year who take this leap of faith with me and purchase the fine art photography prints that I offer from my limited edition collections. I am very proud of the fact that in all the years I have been doing this I am yet to have a single customer unhappy with the quality of the work they have received. 

It is very challenging to photograph the work that I produce in a way that shows it's true beauty in person. Video can help but also does not compare to the real thing. Customers who are considering my work for their homes are typically either concerned about how the prints will look in person (the finish or difference from the image online), or they have a hard time deciding between the Acrylic and the Metal Prints that I offer. 


These challenges have led me to come up with an idea.....introducing THE BRIEFCASE. The Briefcase is a hard shell case with foam inserts that contains two 16x24 fine art prints. The first, a 24" ChromaLuxe Metal Print titled Heavens Gate and the second, a 24" Lumachrome Acrylic Print titled Let There Be Light

For the first time ever, I am offering these prints to be "checked out" to potential clients, for nothing more than the actual price of shipping. Customers will be allowed to keep the briefcase for 48 hours to help them make a decision about their potential fine art purchase. Once the 48 hours has passed, a call ticket will be generated and the shipping company will pick up the package from your home and return it to me. 

If the customer proceeds to purchase one or more fine art prints from me after checking out the briefcase, the price paid will be deducted from the total purchase of the final piece. If no subsequent order is placed, the charges for the shipping of the print samples will not be returned.

The Process

To be placed on the list to receive the briefcase next, simply send me a message here. When your name comes up next and the case is ready to ship, I will reach out to you for your CC and Shipping information and the actual shipping charges (both ways) will be charged to your card. In the unlikely event that the briefcase is not returned, after a period of 7 days and many failed attempts to reach out to you directly, a penalty of $750 will be made to the CC on file for the loss of the prints. This charge will only be made if all efforts to recover the prints have failed. 

I hope this new offering gives potential customers even greater peace of mind and allows them to make an educated decision about the fine art they look to purchase from me. If the wait list for the case grows long, I will produce additional cases to fill the need. The two prints included in the case are shown below. Thank you for your interest in my work!  

Let There Be Light

Fine Art Limited Edition of 50 - Kirkjufell (Icelandic: Church mountain) is a 463 m high mountain on the north coast of Iceland's Snæfellsnes peninsula, near the town of Grundarfjörður. Kirkjufell was one of the filming locations for Game of Thrones season 6 and 7, featuring as the "arrowhead mountain" that the Hound and the company north of the Wall see when capturing a wight.

Heavens Gate

Fine Art Limited Edition of 100 - Heaven is often described as a "higher place", the holiest place, a Paradise, in contrast to hell or the Underworld or the "low places", and universally or conditionally accessible by earthly beings according to various standards of divinity, goodness, piety, faith, or other virtues or right beliefs or simply the will of God.