1stdibs Photography | What Is 1stdibs?

What Is 1stdibs?

1stdibs, a New York based company and global online luxury marketplace, connects US-based and International designers with prospective buyers, largely catering to the high-end market. Countless unique and one of a kind items can be found across various categories including Furniture, Jewelry & Watches, Fashion, Interiors and Fine Art, including landscape photography. 

Sellers operating across the platform are heavily vetted and authenticity and buyer protection are woven into the scaffolding that makes up 1stdibs. Top artists include famous names such as Andy Warhol and Pablo Picasso as well as artists who have only recently begun to make a name for themselves among collectors. 

The History of 1stdibs

In 2001, young, passionate, luxury real estate dealer Michael Bruno visited the historic Paris Marché aux Puces and found items of such beauty and authenticity, he was moved to purchase several for his own collection. But, like stumbling upon a great new restaurant or overhearing a juicy secret, Bruno couldn’t keep this discovery to himself. He created the website 1stdibs.com as a vehicle for sharing his find with the world. In just over a decade, 1stdibs has grown quickly to become the premier online luxury marketplace. It’s a testament to the quality of items and services made available and the enduring reputation of the dealers featured on our site.

Ripcurl - Surround Art Gallery

1stdibs Photography

At the time of this writing, the marketplace showcases over 60,000 pieces of high end photography broken down into subsets that include color, black & white, Portrait and landscape photography. Prices range from just short of $200 all the way to $45,000, a color photography from Route 66 by Ernst Haas

1stdibs Gallery

The 1stdibs gallery was opened in New York City, a 45,000 sq ft showcase of amazing works from over 50 dealers and artists. Unfortunately, the building where the gallery was located was sold and large scape construction threatened to the hinder the business. Therefore, the gallery was closed and all sales moved back to the online marketplace where 1stdibs began. 

Heavens Gate

Heaven's Gate, a limited ediion of 100 by landscape photographer and luxury artist Aaron Reed.

My Personal Intrigue | Aaron Reed Luxury Fine Art

As an artist myself who has already built a name for myself in the high-end art market, I am intrigued by the possibility of expanding and reaching potential new collectors through 1stdibs. Sellers are heavily vetted by the company through an extensive application process. I am excited to participate in this process and hope I am allowed the opportunity to present my work alongside the wide variety of artists the marketplace showcases. I am confident my work would be well received there, specifically some of my abstract work and more intimate landscapes. Only time will tell.

Dreams Beneath These Leaves

Dreams Beneath, a Limited Edition photograph of Central Park in the Spring, by artist Aaron Reed.