For Photographers: Mentoring, Business Consulting, Portfolio & Website Review & Image Editing Services

Website Review: Comprehensive Website Review & Business Plan Generation Package - Investment: $1500 

 For fellow photographers whose goals include turning their passion for photography into a successful business, I offer a comprehensive website review and business plan generation package that will put you on the fast track to reaching your goals in less time, with fewer mistakes and with a leg up on the competition from the very start. In the short span of five years I have turned my passion for photography into a highly successful fine art photographic print business & education platform with collectors of my work around the world and a decade of experience providing photographic instruction to students in the field. This level of success has afforded our family of four the ability to spend our precious time together at home or traveling the world instead of grinding away in an office or cubicle. While operating your own business takes dedication and hard work, I can honestly say that my worst days today are far greater than my best days ever were when I was working for someone else. For those looking for a personal & private level of service and 1:1 guidance, or for those who may not be able to attend one of my Business Of Nature Photography Courses in person, I offer the following services and much more as part of this all inclusive package: 

  To get started, simply send me a message with your name, contact information and links to your presence online and I will reach back out to you in twenty four hours or less with the next steps! This package will be customized to meet your specific needs and can include conversations via email, phone or in person when possible. The information provided as part of this service will be given in verbally and in hard copy when available. Please reach out with any and all questions that you may have. Do not waste another day spinning your wheels dreaming about your photography business! Additional and ongoing support will be available at a rate of $100 per hour for as long as it is needed moving forward so you will always have someone to turn to with questions that may arise along the way. 

Full Website Review - Investment: $250

 With this complete website review I will look over your entire website including structure and visual elements, navigation pages and bio and provide feedback & suggestions based on my personal experience as it relates to the sales of high end nature photography prints. This feedback includes customer behavior and tips on how to reach and keep potential customers visually engaged and prepared to make the sale. This review does not include a portfolio review of images or any business related or marketing information. 

Portfolio Review - (up to 50 images) Investment: $500 (up to 100 images) $800

  This portfolio review offers a professional photographers look at your body of work both individually and as a collection. Suggestions and detailed feedback will be provided for each image including tips to visually strengthen composition and editing adjustments that may be useful. This information will be provided in hard copy form as a Microsoft word document or .pdf at the end of the review period.

RAW Image Editing Service (Single Image) Investment: $75 (Five Images) Investment: $325 (Ten Images) Investment: $650 

  This service is for those who appreciate my particular and personal editing style and have reason to have their RAW image files edited by me. These reasons may include a lack of available time or skills, a desire to modify an image or collection of images to reach their full potential, or to prepare for an upcoming art show or print display. Each image will be carefully edited in the same way, using the same techniques as I would my own images and will be returned back to the client as a full resolution edited TIFF file both in the original color space and sRGB. This relationship will be kept in strict confidence and you as the client have no responsibility to name me in any way as having had processed your works.