Landscape Photography Workshops

Nature Photography Business Mentoring & Services

Below you will find all of the group workshops, 1:1 business and 1:1 mentoring courses that I offer for fellow photographers. Please feel free to reach out to me anytime with any questions you may have via email or telephone. Thank you!

How To Sell Photographic Fine Art Workshop 2022

If you have been yearning to learn what it takes to turn your photography passion into a successful business your search is finally over! During this two day intensive classroom workshop I will leave no stone unturned as I teach you EVERYTHING I know about building and maintaining a highly successful nature photography business!

Comprehensive Business Mentoring Program

For fellow photographers whose goals include turning their passion for photography into a successful online business, I offer a Comprehensive Mentoring Program. With over a decade of experience teaching fellow photographers both in the field and in the classroom, I offer a complete mentorship to highly motivated individuals looking to break into the field of fine art photography printing.

Complete Website Build Out | WideRange Galleries

WideRange Galleries, owned by Jack Brauer is the webmaster behind the design and framework of my custom build website. Jack has built an amazing series of photographers websites over the years that are SEO friendly, responsive and beautiful by design. While not affiliated directly with Jack in a business sense, I have gone on to recommend his websites to all of my business students since developing my own.

Complete Website Audit

With this complete website review I will look over your entire website including structure and visual elements, navigation pages, bio and content providing a complete outline of action based suggestions based on my personal experience as it relates to the sales of high end nature photography prints.

How To Sell Art Without Selling Your Soul

Many photographers, when discouraged by a lack of success, start making terrible decisions in an effort to turn things around. These actions include entering into business arrangements not in their best interests, taking on jobs that they otherwise would turn down or, more often than not, they make the worst decision of all and bury their prices in the dirt. If you have been trying to sell your photography and can't seem to catch a break, before you try selling your soul, try reading the rest of this article to learn about ten truths about selling your photography you may be missing.

Imitation Is Not The Sincerest Form of Flattery

Flattery, is often used in a dishonest way, as a means to achieve what someone wants for themselves. An employee, hoping for a promotion, may compliment the bosses new suit. A waitress, may use flattery to increase the chances of being tipped. Even laughter, when used correctly can flatter and therefore influence a person's opinion of you. They say that imitation is the greatest form of flattery. What about in business? Does this still ring true? I am going to paint a picture for you to illustrate why, when it comes to business, imitation is a recipe for failure.

The Seven Step Approach To Failure

Selling your photography has never been an easy task. It takes a mixture of skill, talent, hustle and good old fashioned hard work. Every. Single. Day. Selling your photography online is even more of a challenge, where capturing your audiences attention is limited to first impressions, thumbnail sized images and about fifteen seconds if you're lucky.