Leavenworth Photography Workshop TWO


Workshop 1: October 20th - 22nd, 2023 | SOLD OUT


Workshop 2: OCTOBER 27th - 29th, 2023 | 7 spaces remaining

Leavenworth is a city in Chelan County, Washington, United States. It is part of the WenatcheeEast Wenatchee Metropolitan Statistical Area. The entire town center is modeled on a Bavarian village.

I have offered this workshop every year now for the past 10 years. This is one of my most popular workshops of the year, often ending up with a long waiting list so don't hesitate if you would like to join me next year! I am leading two workshops in Leavenworth this year.

Workshop ONE will be hosted in Leavenworth, WA Friday October 20th - Sunday October 22nd, 2023.

Workshop TWO will be hosted in Leavenworth, WA Friday October 27th - Sunday October 29th, 2023.

I have been photographing this area during fall for the past 12 years and have taught over 50 sold out photography workshops since I began offering them back in 2010. All skill levels may join and the only fitness requirement is the ability to be on your feet for 12 hours as well as some light to moderate hiking. The area we will be covering encompasses a 20 sq mile radius outward from the town of Leavenworth, Washington.

More about Leavenworth can be found here: http://cityofleavenworth.com/ Participants from outside the Western Washington area will want to fly into Seattle (SEA) and rent a standard vehicle for the 2.5 hour drive to Leavenworth. All participants will be responsible for securing their own lodging and travel throughout the workshop, however I may be able to help those who would like to considering sharing accommodations or travel with each other. I recommend lodging at the Icicle Village Resort http://www.iciclevillage.com/ located at the west end of town. This workshop will include three days in the field non stop instruction. For those with interest in the business side of nature photography, I am happy to discuss my business, my success in the world of fine art print sales, retail photography and nature photography workshops and offer advice for those who hope to follow the same path with all of those who participate.

The cost of this workshop is $1395 per person. A deposit of 50% is required to hold your spot for either workshop, with the remaining balance due August 1st, 2023. The locations we will be visiting offer easy access, plenty of room for all of us to work and some of the best fall color the Pacific Northwest has to offer! Attendees are encouraged to arrive in Leavenworth the night before the workshop and to consider the drive time from SEA (Seattle Airport) of 2 hours 45 minutes when planning their departure.

Have a look through my collection of work over the years to see what Leavenworth has to offer during autumn!

Pacific Northwest Finest

A shallow stream weaves among the bars and banks of a halcyon glade high in the mountains. All the world is wreathed in a wild splendor as cooler days bring out the hidden colors of the trees and the undergrowth. Fine Art Limited Edition of 50.


A shimmering haze drifts among the trunks of a grove of quaking aspen near Leavenworth, Washington. The lush carpet of brush and bracken is turned to fire during the cool months of autumn. Fine Art Limited Edition of 100.

Echoes Of Fall

A tangled web of skeletal branches lace together the ashen trunks of a grove of aspen near Leavenworth, Washington. Unfazed as yet by the chill of winter, the fiery hues of the autumn undergrowth bleed through a hush of fog. Fine Art Limited Edition of 100.

Rollin On A River

A gentle breath of veiled sunlight caresses the rocky banks of a clear river as it makes its way through a deep mountain valley. The faint chill of autumn on the way inspires embers of bright foliage along the banks and up on the hillsides. Fine Art Limited Edition of 50.



How To Pre-Visualize And Capture Compelling Compositions That Grab AND Maintain The Attention Of Your Audience

100% Manual Operation Of Your Camera And Creative Exposure Control For Best Results

Reading, Understanding and Using Your Histogram To Capture The Best Possible Exposure In The Field

How To "Fill The Frame" using Dynamic Compositions While Eliminating Negative Or Empty Space

How To Identify Your Main Subject And Supporting Subjects With One Easy Trick

How To Choose The Best Aperture, Shutter Speed, White Balance And ISO For The Image You Are Creating

Tips N Tricks For Low Light, Backlit Scenes And Other Difficult Lighting Situations In The Field

How To Tell A Story With Your Imagery

How To Use Filters As A Creative Tool And As A Way To Balance Light Or Capture Deep, Rich Imagery In Any Situation

Ways To Reduce Your Setup Time And How To Stay Fast On Your Feet While Shooting

Tips For Planning And Scheduling Your Photo Expeditions Including Planning, Preparation And Finding Inspiration

How To Use Balance, Depth, A Sense Of Motion And Light To Create Visually Stunning Images

Learning When To Go Big And When To Find The Little Things In Your Images For Deeper Meaning And Connection With Your Audience

Maximizing Depth Of Field And How To Maintain Maximum Sharpness In Your Images

Aaron Reed Photography, LLC is a licensed, fully insured business and a responsible member of the photographic community. I operate all of my workshops under the guidelines, rules and regulations of the National Park Service, State Parks & Forest Services. I am certified in Adult & Child CPR/AED & First Aid, Wilderness First Responder Trained and Follow Leave No Trace Principals. I have operated on location photography workshops since 2009.

Fine Art Limited Edition of 50 - In intentional camera movement (ICM), a camera is moved during the exposure for a creative or artistic effect. This causes the image points to move across the recording medium, producing an apparent streaking in the resulting image.

Fine Art Limited Edition of 50 - Two-dimensional mirror images can be seen in the reflections of mirrors or other reflecting surfaces, or on a printed surface seen inside-out. If we look at an object that is effectively two-dimensional (such as writing) and then turn it towards a mirror, the object turns through an angle of 180º and we see a left-right reversal in the mirror. In this example, it is the change in orientation rather than the mirror itself that causes the observed reversal.