Landscape Photography Workshops : Life In The Palouse 2018 - SOLD OUT

Life In The Palouse -  June 1st - 3rd, 2018 - There will be a total of 6 participants in this workshop- THIS WORKSHOP HAS SOLD OUT

  Life In The Palouse is a 3 day on location hands on nature photography workshop with host Aaron Reed held in the dreamlike hills of the Palouse in Eastern Washington State. This workshop is held during the peak growing season and features the lush rolling hills of the region drawing parallels to Tuscany in their breathtaking beauty. This workshop focuses on the hills, valleys, abandoned buildings and forgotten towns of the Paoluse region between Steptoe Butte and Palouse Falls. This workshop will be based out of Colfax, Washington and will generally span a distance of 80 miles between the two parks.

  The closest airport to the workshop is the Pullman-Moscow Regional Airport; however this is a small airport with only 1 airstrip. There is an airport in Wenatchee, the Pangborn Memorial Airport. Spokane International is 60 miles south of Colfax, WA. After Spokane, the next closest major airports would be (PDX) Portland, Oregon and (SEA) in Seattle Washington. Each of these airports is approx 4.5 hours driving time to Colfax, Washington.

  The two closest hotels are the Best Western and the Siesta, with many other options 15 minutes away in Pullman, WA. I encourage you to book your hotels as far in advance as possible. Hotels in this area, during this time of year fill up extremely quickly.

  We will begin this workshop at the very top of Steptoe Butte State Park at 4:45am. Steptoe Butte State Park is a 150 acre, 3,612 foot tall natural monument that looms over the rolling hills in the area. The window with the best quality of light lasts for approximately 2 hours just after sunrise and again just before sunset. During the rest of the day we will be exploring all of the abandoned buildings and old machinery that the area has to offer and much more! Because of the length of daylight during this time of the year, we will be taking a 2-3 hour break on the first two days of the workshop so that people can go back to their hotels to rest or take an extended lunch.

 We will be photographing at least 2 sunrises and 1 sunset from Steptoe Butte and 2 sunsets and 1 sunrise from Palouse Falls to ensure everyone is able to create stunning photographs of these two areas without feeling rushed and to have the best chance of capturing beautiful light. During at least one of the mid-day breaks I will be hosting a post processing session where I will edit your images taken during the workshop, showing my general workflow and editing techniques and tips. As with most of my workshops, personal 1:1 workshop additions are available as add-ons to either end of the event for an additional fee. This allows for a more personal and intense 1:1 photography, post processing or portfolio reviews and business guidance can be obtained for those who would rather have more personal instruction outside of the group setting.