Comprehensive Business Mentoring Program

FOR PHOTOGRAPHERS: Complete Business Consultation | Mentoring Services

Complete Business Mentoring Package - Investment: $4500

For fellow photographers whose goals include turning their passion for photography into a successful online business, I offer a Comprehensive Mentoring Program and a Complete Website Review. In the short span of five years I took my passion for nature photography and built a highly successful fine art photographic print business with collectors of my work around the world and annual print sales near a half million dollars.

This level of success has afforded our family of four the ability to spend our precious time together at home or traveling the world instead of grinding away in an office or cubicle. While operating your own business of any kind takes dedication and continued hard work, I can honestly say that my worst days today are far greater than my best days were while working for someone else.

With over a decade of experience teaching fellow photographers both in the field and in the classroom, I offer a complete mentorship to highly motivated individuals looking to break into the field of fine art photography printing. The level of information and experience that I provide is greater than you would ever expect, holding nothing back from my road to success in this business.

Under my direction, in as short as six months’ time, prior students have seen growth of over 1000% in their SEO statistics/Web traffic, online print sales and overall revenue, building a budding online fine art business from the ground up.

How It Works | Complete Mentorship from Beginning to End

After discussing your goals and current situation to ensure we are a good fit working together, the process of mentorship begins. I begin by supplying a comprehensive notebook that outlines the general topics we will be covering during our time together. While you read through this 30+ page document, generating a list of preliminary questions for me, I will be analyzing and producing a complete analysis of your website, social media accounts, portfolio, current SEO structure and content.

Once we have completed these initial first steps, we will set up a series of phone calls in easily digestible blocks of 2 hours each as we go through all of the topics together in more depth. We will use Zoom, screen sharing, online tracking, SEO and analysis programs and other resources as needed throughout the process. Learning will be set at a pace you are comfortable with and can be completed quickly, or over an extended period of time as your put into motion the guidance I provide.

Once the bulk of the process has been completed, I will begin working on a customized step by step checklist outlining ongoing steps to take on a weekly, monthly and annual basis to continue to build your brand and your business going forward.

Topics covered in depth but not limited to include:


*Creating Quality Imagery From Capture To Print *Designing An Effective Website From The Start

*Your Business Image Online & Customer Direct *Exuding Confidence Online & During The Sale

*Customer Service Do's And Don'ts *Keeping Your Business And Your Assets Organized

*Finding Your Niche & Cashing In *Setting Goals & Continued Growth


*Image Licensing To Corporations & Private Clients *Retail Products & Marketing

*Retail Print Marketing *Working with Publishers *Magazine Submissions

*Working with Interior Designers *Art Shows & Art Walks *Photography Workshops

*The Business of Fine Art Photography


*Setting Yourself Apart From The Competition *Creating Perceived Value With Your Clients

*Providing Real Value To Your Clients *Building Your Brand Online And Through Word Of Mouth

*The Best Ways To Market Your Work *Hosting Sale Events & Creating Incentives

*Maintaining a Collectors List *Limited or Open Editions? *All About Printing & Editing For Print


*The Process of Test Printing *Creating Fine Art *Fine Art Is Not A Discount Store

*Make Them Feel Special *Never Let Them See You Sweat *Closing The Deal

*Reinvesting In Yourself *Branching Out


*Hardcore Door To Door *Your Local Coffeeshop *Art Shows *Google Adword

*Content Creation *Social Media Do's & Don'ts *Using LinkedIn *Guest Blogging

*The Power of SEO *Ebay, FAA & Etsy *Facebook Ads *Distribution Lists

*The Art of Promoting Yourself.... and much more!


To get started, simply send me a message with your name, contact information and links to your website and social media presence online and I will reach back out to you in twenty four hours or less with the next steps! This package will be customized to meet your specific needs and can include conversations via email, phone or in person when possible. The information provided as part of this service will be given in verbally and in hard copy when available. Please reach out with any and all questions that you may have. Do not waste another day spinning your wheels dreaming about your photography business! Additional and ongoing support will be available at a rate of $200 per hour for as long as it is needed moving forward so you will always have someone to turn to with questions that may arise along the way.