Landscape Photography Workshops : The Business Of Nature Photography Summer 2019

The Business of Nature Photography | Aaron Reed  

2 Day Classroom Workshop - Seattle, Washington - August 24th & 25th, 2019 - Investment $995


Please see my next workshop to be held in April 2020.

   Workshop Location: 999 Third Avenue Suite 700 Seattle, Washington 98104

  THIS is the workshop you have all been waiting for! During this two day intensive classroom workshop I will leave no stone unturned as I teach you EVERTYTHING I know about building and maintaining a highly successful nature photography business! From just starting out, to monetizing your photography, building a brand and rising to the top I will teach you step by step how I took my nature photography business from ground zero to where it is today all from my home office. This workshop will be unlike any other photography workshop you have witnessed. You will be presented with detailed, highly valuable and sought after information that when applied with purpose and hard work, will afford you the opportunity to start, grow or take your photography business to the next level! 

  This workshop presentation will be broken down into easy to digest sections with ample time for Q&A after each section. Topics will include but not be limited to: 

Building a Nature Photography Business from Scratch including:

*Creating Quality Imagery   *Designing An Effective Website   *Your Business Image   *Exuding Confidence   *Customer Service   *Staying Organized   *Finding Your Niche   *Setting Goals  

How to Identify, Monetize and Maintain Multiple Revenue Streams including: 

*Image Licensing   *Retail Products & Marketing   *Retail Print Marketing   *Working with Publishers   *Magazine Submissions   *Working with Interior Designers   *Art Shows & Art Walks   *Photography Workshops   *The Business of Fine Art

Operating A Fine Art Print Business including:

*Setting Yourself Apart   *Creating Perceived Value   *Providing Real Value   *Building Your Brand   *Marketing Your Work   *Sales & Incentives    *Maintaining a Collectors List    *Limited or Open Editions?    *All About Prints 

All About Fine Art Photography including: 

*The Process of Test Printing   *Creating Fine Art   *Fine Art Is Not A Discount Store   *Make Them Feel Special   *Never Let Them See You Sweat    *Closing The Deal    *Reinvesting In Yourself   *Branching Out 

All About The Hustle including: 

*Hardcore Door To Door   *Your Local Coffeeshop    *Art Shows   *Google Adwords    *Content Creation    *Social Media Do's & Don'ts    *Using LinkedIn   *Guest Blogging   *The Power of SEO    *Ebay, FAA & Etsy    *Facebook Ads   *Distribution Lists    *The Art of Promoting Yourself.... and much more! 

Genuine Reviews From Past Students:

* "As a landscape photography enthusiast anxious to start my own business, the decision to attend Aaron's workshop was the best thing I could have done to kick-start the process. The knowledge you will gain in a weekend covers every topic imaginable related to the monetization of your art. Since the course concluded, I have expanded my portfolio, gained experience with high quality printing and have started planning my first website. With this new wealth of knowledge, I am finding myself motivated more than ever before to reach my photography goals. If you have similar ambitions, you can't afford NOT to attend this workshop! Aaron's course was, bar none, the best investment I have ever made in myself."

Dean McLeod

* I learned more from Aaron than I ever though I would. This course was packed with all the answers I had been seeking about print sales and marketing. Come to this course with the most specific questions about turning photography into a business and Aaron will answer every one. On top of this, I’ve met some very talented photographers. Bottom line, you’ll sell more prints after this course which will in turn pay for itself. 

Jeff Walker

* Aaron’s workshop was extremely beneficial! He has a wealth of knowledge from years of experience running a successful photography business. This is especially true in regards to selling prints and licensing images. If
you take the time to implement many of the ideas he presents and really put a lot of effort into your business, you will find success. I took Aaron’s workshop in August and launched a new website in December with some of the things learned from the workshop and am starting to see an uptick in business. Surprisingly, even though I was really going after the fine art print market, I’ve seen the image licensing side of my business grow exponentially (I'm talking in the thousands of dollars) in the past two months since launching my new website. The things Aaron teaches absolutely work if you’re willing to spend the time and effort it takes to grow your business. You will be given enough information that it will take many months to even implement all of it!

Mickey Shannon

* A quick note to say thank you for letting me join the class. It was great, lots of good information that I am still processing (pun sort of intended :)) Since the class, I obtained a web domain, am updating my website, and am ordering certificates of authenticity and new business cards. So, I would say it was quite inspiring! Now I just need some time from work to create some new art! 

Ondrea Hidley

Aaron’s workshop, “The Business of Nature Photography” was well worth my time and money. The two day event was packed with non-stop information delivered in a fun and casual atmosphere. Aaron’s sense of humor and ability to share endless anecdotal scenarios really brought the information to life and made the serious topic of business and money making a lot of fun to listen to. Aside from the facts and good business sense stuff, Aaron really made me think about where I want to go with my photography. He explained the model he uses and was really honest and forthcoming with strengths and drawbacks to various approaches. Aaron did not shy away from sharing his own personal mistakes so that we might learn from them. I highly recommend this workshop for those looking to take their photography business to the next level! I will be implementing various things that I learned from Aaron over the next few months and I know that the presentation of my work will be put forth with more professionalism and confidence.

Susan Dimock

Aaron Reed's business photography workshop was fantastic. I learned a lot about SEOs, print sales, how to market yourself and a whole lot more. Aaron is very knowledgeable and professional. I would 100% recommend this workshop for anyone that wants to get into the business of landscape photography, thank you Aaron.

Erik Strot

I've been in the photography business for several years and felt that I had reached a point of stagnation in my growth. While I know how to take photos and teach workshops, expanding my business to reach new customers and diversify my revenue streams was something that I struggled with, and something that I knew I needed to do. I've long admired Aaron's business success, so when he decided to offer his first Business of Nature Photography Workshop I jumped at the chance to get a look as to how he achieved it. I will tell you that this isn't easy, but having the guidance and tools that Aaron provided has given me a sense of 'I can do this' that I didn't have before. There's no secret recipe for success but with Aaron providing the ingredients that I needed and learning how he used them has enabled me to grow my business. I'm seeing more website traffic, more clients, and more return with each thing that I learned in his workshop that I continue to implement. I'm happy that I got to take the workshop and that I'm seeing a return on that investment.. because it IS an investment. An investment in myself, my business, and my future. If you're looking for guidance in this highly competitive field, I suggest learning from one of the best: Aaron Reed.

TJ Thorne

As an aspiring landscape photographer, I found myself struggling with getting my work recognized. Sure, I participate in local and national photo contests, keep up with my social media, and belong to a variety of photography groups. Somehow, I still didn't feel like I was making much progress. When I saw that you were offering your Business of Photography workshop, I jumped at the chance to finally really learn the ins and outs of this finicky business. Boy am I glad I did! I learned so much and there were many "Aha" moments for me during the workshop. Your enthusiasm and expert knowledge were just the motivation I needed to kickstart me on the way to a brand new website, much more streamlined and efficient and nice to look at too. You reviewed so many other aspects to the business of photography that I hadn't even considered and that has helped me narrow my focus so that I can really build my business. I thank you!

Thelma Kelly

  As you can see, this is going to be an event that you do not want to miss if you are serious about building a business with your nature photography! The sheer volume of interest in this workshop since I first mentioned it has been nothing short of incredible. I look forward to seeing new and familiar faces at this event as I know it is going to be widely popular and attended by many including some of your favorite photographers. 

Mt Rainier National Park Optional Add On - August 26th & 27th, 2019 - Mt Rainier National Park -  Investment $1000 (Lodging sells out quickly this time of year.)

There are currently 3 spaces remaining for the Mt Rainier portion of this workshop. 

  For those of you who are interested in getting in some incredible shooting while you are in town, I am offering an additional 2 day workshop in the field inside Mt Rainier National Park where we will photograph the incredible views of the mountain, lakes, streams, waterfalls and hopefully the tail end of the wildflower season! For more information about signing up for this add on, please contact me directly to learn more. 

In conclusion: 

Investment for the 2 day Classroom Instruction Only is $995 per person

Investment for the 2 day Classroom Instruction AND the 2 day Mt Rainier Workshop is $1995 per person