Complete Website Build Out | WideRange Galleries

Complete Website Build Out | WideRange Galleries

WideRange Galleries, owned by Jack Brauer is the webmaster behind the design and framework of my custom build website. Jack has built an amazing series of photographers websites over the years that are SEO friendly, responsive and beautiful by design.

The service I am offering below is completely separate from Jack Brauer and WideRange galleries and the amazing service he provides. Working with me can only begin after your business with Jack has been concluded and your website is ready to launch. I am not affiliated with or directly tied to Jack in any business venture as each of us maintain our own business models and services. All costs, for either of our services are separate as well.

After working with Jack to design and launch your custom built website, many photographers then get lost when trying to determine best practices when creating on page content, forming the best possible SEO structure or even where to begin at all. While WideRange galleries are very user friendly, it can be time consuming and frustrating for some to get their feet off the ground and flying in the right direction. Learning HOW and WHY to do something at the same time is often a challenge.

My Experience Saves You Time & Get Results

My wealth of experience in the world of fine art print sales and knowledge of SEO as it specifically relates to online art sales is second to none. I have designed, built and cultivated my brand and my business from nothing but the simple love of photography, into a half million dollar fine art print business over the past nine years. With my Complete Website Build Out, you can let me put this experience to work for you. What you will end up with is a ready to launch, fine tuned photography website that you & Google will both love.

Here's how it works...

After purchasing my website buildout package, I will set up a phone consultation with you to discuss your personal goals and ideas for your website asking you to provide a folder of your images and some basic information. After we have discussed the process in detail, I will get started. You will have the opportunity to ask questions, submit changes and make additional requests along the way. Once completed, I will turn the site over to you, asking you to change your login and password information prior to launch. Finally, I will provide you with a list of suggestions to increase your traffic and expand your business through the website going forward including how to track, analyze and react to future changes.

The Whole Package | What's Included

1. Image Upload, Gallery Assignment & Design (Public & Hidden Galleries)

2. Complete On Page SEO design, url structuring, title tag generation, alt tag generation and other SEO best practices implemented site wide. This includes the main web galleries, landing page, content pages & entire navigation structure.

3. General Blog creation & design, product creation (i.e prints, workshops, etc.)

4. Content driven pages, blog content ideas and structured pages.

5. Ongoing support for content produced by me on your behalf.

This is just a sample of the attention to detail you will receive during the process. Once finished there will be nothing left for you to do except launch your site and begin creating additional content to engage your visitors!

To learn more about this exclusive service, please send me a message through my contact page. I only offer this service to photographers using the WideRange Galleries websites at this time.

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