Small Format ChromaLuxe Metal prints

For those who are looking for a smaller print option, aside from my standard size offerings, small format prints using ChromaLuxe Dye Sublimation technology are available. These small format pieces are available in three sizes; 12x18 ($250) 16x24 ($350) and 20x30 ($425). To purchase one of these smaller pieces please contact me via email to receive a custom invoice payable using any major credit or debit card.

High Definition, high gloss Metal prints produced with industry leading ChromaLuxe HD products are one of two recommended methods of displaying the vast majority of my work, with the first being Lumachrome HD Acrylic Face Mounted prints. ChromaLuxe HD Metal prints are a new and exciting way to produce high quality photographic prints with a combination of incredible beauty, depth, detail and durability. Metal prints produced using ChromaLuxe HD panels are scratch resistant, water resistant and will not fade or yellow over time. This medium is lightweight and incredibly durable making it the perfect choice for public display or in damp environments such as restrooms or outdoor displays. ChromaLuxe HD Prints appears bright and full of life in the majority of lighting conditions.

   The UV resistant coating is bonded to .045 inch aluminum sheeting that in turn is used to create a fine art piece using an amazing process called sublimation. During this process, a digital image is printed in reverse onto a special transfer paper and then with the use of a heat press, the transfer paper is pressed onto the surface of the aluminum sheet at 400 degrees Fahrenheit. The temperature heated press causes the inks to transfer directly into the poly-based coating of the aluminum in the form of a gas. The image is not simply printed on top of the surface of the aluminum, but instead is FUSED INTO the surface of the piece.

   The resulting vibrancy and three-dimensional quality of one of my Limited Edition pieces using ChromaLuxe HD technology offers deep contrasts, rich color and beautiful detail without sacrificing durability. When first time viewers witness the quality of this product they often remark that it appears to be "printed on glass" or that it looks wet due to the striking detail, rich contrast and outstanding glossiness of the piece.

Square Spaces for Small Places

  For times when a traditional photographic print format won't work, when looking to create a theme of complimentary imagery or simply in an effort to fill a smaller space, a square format print may be just what you are looking for. The collection of images in this gallery are offered in three sizes. These pieces are more affordable than my large Limited Edition pieces, however each is still included in as part of the limited edition. While these prints do still come with a signed and numbered Certificate of Authenticity, the pieces themselves are not signed.

  Each of my square format prints are available as a 12x12, 16x16 or 20x20 print. Each print is produced using ChromaLuxe Dye Sublimation technology and arrive ready to hang with simple to use mounting brackets pre-installed. Square prints can be hung in a series vertically, horizontally or in unique patterns to create dynamic mosaics. I am always happy to provide my artistic insight to help you choose pieces that compliment each other when requested. To purchase Fine Art Prints of any piece in this collection, simply click on an image to view size, medium and pricing options.