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Investment Options | Limited Edition Print Pricing

Investment Options | Limited Edition Prints

Every piece of artwork available through this website is produced as part of a limited edition collection. Purchasing a piece from one of my collections can be completed by using the drop down menus found on every product page. Simply click on the image, scroll down and make your size and surface selections, enter your personal information and proceed to check out.

As an individual piece begins to sell out, the availability of smaller size options is reduced and the cost of the investment increases. When a piece is 75% sold, prints under 45" wide are no longer available for purchase and the first price increase is set. Additional price increases are completed at 80%, 90% and more aggressively through the remaining 10% of the edition. Once a piece has reached its production limit and the final print sold, it is retired and never produced again as a fine art print.

TruLife Acrylic Fine Art Prints

The most incredible finished gallery quality pieces that I offer are original photo prints under acrylic glass (face mounted) produced with Lumachrome and FujiFlex Super Gloss photographic papers. These museum quality pieces are produced using the best available materials in the world today and are my top recommendation for collectors. I offer these prints in sizes ranging from 24" to 84" directly through this website. Larger sizes up to 120" are available by inquiry only.

Roma TruLife Lumachrome Acrylic Fine Art Prints

For those who truly want the very best museum quality art, I offer my Lumachrome HD prints externally framed with ROMA Hand Made Italian Tabbachino Dark Ash Framing and linen liners in your choice of colors. I offer these prints in sizes ranging from 24" to 84" directly through this website. Larger sizes up to 108" are available by inquiry only. These externally framed pieces each have an additional 14" of liner and frame in both directions to create the final finished size.

ChromaLuxe Fine Art Metal Prints

ChromaLuxe is an aluminum substrate with a very fine multiple layer polymer finish that contains a specialized, formulated coating providing the foundation for a visually stunning and durable fine art print. Essentially a thin sheet of aluminum, ChromaLuxe prints are also surprisingly light with durability unmatched in fine art printing. ChromaLuxe prints are produced using a technology called sublimation, where inks are infused directly into specially coated metal sheets, creating images with stunning color, vibrancy and resolution. ChromaLuxe panels are scratch, fade, water and flame resistant. The ChromaLuxe prints that I offer are available in sizes up to 60 inches.

Fuji Crystal Archive Unmounted Fine Art Prints

Produced by Fujifilm, this incredible silver halide photographic paper creates a visual depth and clarity that is particularly beautiful with rich, saturated imagery.

The Fuji Crystal Archive Fine Art photographic prints that I produce for traditional framing are dry mounted to 2mm Styrene, a super smooth plastic mounting substrate that resists warping, making it an excellent choice for providing rigidity to prints that will be framed. These prints are only available is sizes up to 36" wide.