La Jolla California Fine Art Photography

I am very fortunate, as a photographer and as someone who enjoys many forms of art, to be able to view the vast majority of my work in printed form. I truly believe that a photograph cannot be fully appreciated until viewed in print. There is no denying that all prints are not created equal and that some photographs in particular stand out above the rest due to a combination of the image itself, the colors and the contrast in the print when produced. Because of this fact, I have created a gallery of my favorite pieces on my website, which showcases the images I feel truly show the best in print.

Beautiful Beaches In La Jolla, California

A few weeks back, my family and I took a vacation to the beautiful area of La Jolla in the state of California. La Jolla is surrounded on three sides by ocean bluffs and beaches and is located 12 miles (19 km) north of Downtown San Diego and 45 miles (72 km) south of Orange County. The climate is mild, with an average daily temperature of 70.5 °F (21.4 °C). The purpose of our trip was to get some much needed relaxation on the beach, giving the kids plenty of time to run in the surf and bury themselves in the sand. Every morning and evening of the trip, I made a quick run down to the beach to photograph the famous Scripps Pier. This was a landmark that I had requests from collectors to photograph and was visually interesting to me as well so I set out day after day hoping for a quality of light that would be appealing for an ocean scene such as this.

Ellen Browning Scripps Memorial Pier

Named for Ellen Browning Scripps (1836-1932), the most significant donor to the institution in its formative years. Born in London, Ellen emigrated to the United States with her father in 1844, and grew up on a farm in Illinois. She attended Knox College in Illinois. In 1866, she joined her brother James in his newspaper business, and later she worked with her younger half-brother E.W. Scripps in his newspaper business. E.W. settled in the San Diego area about 1890, and Ellen built a house in La Jolla soon after that.

Never married, and wealthy from funds derived from the family newspaper businesses and from inheritance from another brother George, she became a major benefactor in La Jolla and elsewhere. In its earliest years, Ellen provided generous funds for the Marine Biological Association, served on its board, and gave it a large endowment. An unassuming person, she preferred that the institution be named for her brother George, but the University of California chose the overall Scripps surname in 1912. Finally, in 1988, the pier was named for this remarkable woman.

Out To Sea | A Spectacular Fine Art Limited Edition of 100

I ended up photographing the pier six or seven times while we were there including a very colorful sunset on the very last day. Of all the sessions, there was one morning in particular, where the light was so beautiful and soft that I knew it would be my favorite of the trip. I processed the image when I got home, creating both a full frame version and a panoramic version. The panoramic version ended up being my favorite so I ordered the first print for myself, a 34" x 60" Panoramic Metallic Trulife Acrylic Print. I just returned from the lab after watching the piece get mounted to the acrylic and it was even more spectacular than I could have imagined! The soft contrasts, color and reflected light from the print and the acrylic combined to form one of the most soothing and visually beautiful prints I have seen in some time!

Out To Sea Pano

Transform your space with Aaron Reed's luxury fine art photography print, Out To Sea, from his Panoramic Wall Art collection. Order yours today! Fine Art Limited Edition of 100.

The image you see here on my website does nothing to show the overall brilliance and beauty of this piece. I will be picking up the finished print next week and plan to update this story with both photographs and video of this incredible work of art. To be one of the one hundred collectors to own this astounding print, please visit the image page for size and medium options. At the time of this writing, being that this is a newly released piece, both the first printing (FP #1/100) and the Artist Proof (AP #1/1) are both available as well. This piece, along with the vast majority of my work can be produced in sizes up to 60" tall x 120" wide, offering a mind boggling statement for any home or professional space. To see more of my limited edition work, please view the entire collection of my galleries and reach out to speak with me directly at any time.

Here are three other images captured the same week with very different, but equally beautiful moods and presentation.

Into The Fire Panoramic

Transform your space with Aaron Reed's luxury fine art photography print, Into The Fire, from his Panoramic Wall Art collection. Order yours today! Fine Art Limited Edition of 100.

Wildberry Nights

Ebb & Flow

Fine Art Limited Edition of 100 - Incoming tides chase along the pilings of Scripps Pier in La Jolla, California at sunrise.