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Purchasing a piece from one of my collections can be completed by using the drop down menus found on every product page. Simply click on the image, make your size and surface selections, enter your personal information and proceed to check out. All transactions are completed using PayPal or Stripe payment systems. The eCommerce structure of this site is safe and secure and always kept up to date using the latest security technologies. Custom invoices can also be provided for multiple print purchases that may include progressive volume discounts by inquiring via email or telephone.

Once a piece(s) is paid for through this website or via emailed invoice, it is placed into production within 24 hours. Photographic paper (Fuji Silver Halide) prints take approx. 10 business days to produce, while ChromaLuxe and Lumachrome HD prints take approx. 21 business days. Pieces larger than 60" or externally framed pieces may require extended production time of up to 28 business days. Every print sold is packaged professionally and fully insured to ensure your order arrives undamaged.

Due to freight company requirements, deliveries must be inspected within 48 hours of receipt. If large obvious damage to the packaging is visible when delivery is made, the order must be refused at the time of delivery. In the extremely rare case where artwork arrives damaged during delivery, yet the packaging looked undamaged, simply photograph the packaging and the piece and send them directly to me. Whenever artwork is damaged during shipping, A replacement will be placed into production and a second delivery made.

The pricing found on this website for all pieces less than 72" includes shipping and handling at no additional cost anywhere inside the US. Pieces larger than 72" and deliveries outside of the US (including Canada) require additional shipping costs. To receive a shipping estimate please provide details about your order and your address via email. Expedited shipping may be available for time sensitive orders.

Quality Guaranteed

The fine art nature photography prints that I offer are some of the most beautiful and luxurious in the world today. With well over 2000 prints sold, I have yet to have a single unhappy customer, something I take very seriously and take great pride in. Your satisfaction is my top priority. I am fully committed to making your experience enjoyable and stress free. This is why I focus on providing exceptional customer service as well as world class fine art. If you have any problems or concerns, please contact me immediately so I can work with you to make it right. Prints that are delivered in new condition are custom hand-made works of art and are not eligible for return. While I have never had a request for a return, if a dispute arises and a return is demanded, return shipping will be the responsibility of the purchaser and a twenty five percent restocking fee will apply.

What Dreams May Come

Blue ice occurs when snow falls on a glacier, is compressed, and becomes part of the glacier. Air bubbles are squeezed out and ice crystals enlarge, making the ice appear blue.

Small amounts of regular ice appear to be white because of air bubbles inside them and also because small quantities of water appear to be colourless. In glaciers, the pressure causes the air bubbles to be squeezed out, increasing the density of the created ice. Large quantities of water appear to be blue, as it absorbs other colours more efficiently than blue. A large piece of compressed ice, or a glacier, similarly appears blue.