Landscape Photography Workshops : Mt Rainier Photography Workshops For 2019

  In 2019, I will be hosting at least one scheduled summer workshop as well as what I will be calling a flex workshop. For those who need time to plan and hope to visit Rainier during the peak wildflower season, I will be holding a 3 day workshop in mid-August. For those who have a greater degree in flexibility, I will be offering a 5 day FLEX workshop. This workshop will be held at the peak of the wildflower season no matter when it happens. Those who have signed up for this workshop will be contacted by me as soon as the first hints of the wildflower season begin and we will finalize the dates of the workshop at that time. This flexibility and very limited attendance will guarantee you the opportunity to photograph one of the most amazing national parks the US has to offer at the absolute height of the season and will provide you a greater opportunity to receive truly personal instruction, portfolio review and post processing lessons than any of the other workshops that I offer. Please continue reading below for the details of each of these incredible opportunities.

The Experience - What To Expect In The Field 

How To Pre-Visualize And Capture Compelling Compositions That Grab AND Maintain The Attention Of Your Audience

100% Manual Operation Of Your Camera And Creative Exposure Control For Best Results

Reading, Understanding and Using Your Histogram To Capture The Best Possible Exposure In The Field 

How To "Fill The Frame" using Dynamic Compositions While Eliminating Negative Or Empty Space

How To Identify Your Main Subject And Supporting Subjects With One Easy Trick

How To Choose The Best Aperture, Shutter Speed, White Balance And ISO For The Image You Are Creating

Tips N Tricks For Low Light, Backlit Scenes And Other Difficult Lighting Situations In The Field

How To Tell A Story With Your Imagery

How To Use Filters As A Creative Tool And As A Way To Balance Light Or Capture Deep, Rich Imagery In Any Situation

Ways To Reduce Your Setup Time And How To Stay Fast On Your Feet While Shooting

Tips For Planning And Scheduling Your Photo Expeditions Including Planning, Preparation And Finding Inspiration

How To Use Balance, Depth, A Sense Of Motion And Light To Create Visually Stunning Images

Learning When To Go Big And When To Find The Little Things In Your Images For Deeper Meaning And Connection With Your Audience

Maximizing Depth Of Field And How To Maintain Maximum Sharpness In Your Images

The Experience - Post Processing & Workflow

Simple, Clean Post Processing Tips Using Luminosity Masks And Selections That Free You Up To Spend More Time In The Field And Less At Your Computer

Tips And Tricks For Enhancing Color & Contrast In Your Images Without Overdoing It Or Degrading Image Quality

Simple but Powerful Ways To Balance Exposure And Enhance Your Images Without Blending Multiple Exposures

Creating Panoramic Images and General Exposure Blending

Increasing Resolution And Sharpening To Create Large Prints And Post Processing Adjustments To Make Depending On Print Size And Medium

Creating And Maintaining Your Visual Style During The Editing Process

Isolating And Fine Tuning Images By Color, Luminosity, Style Or Creative Vision

The Experience - The Business Of Photography

How To Identify Your Audience And Present Yourself And Your Work In The Best Possible Way Based On That Audience

Identifying Imagery And Subjects That Sell And Are Popular To Non Photographers And Photographers Alike

Tips For Building A Visually Stunning Website And Strong Portfolio

Copyright And Protecting Your Digital Assets

How To Market Your Work To Magazines & Retail Markets

How To Market Yourself And Your Work Locally In Your Home Town

Advertising And Creating Profitability With Your Work

How To Start A Business, Operate Legally And Build A Brand

Creating Little Known Marketing Tips And Tricks

How To Close Deals And Increase Sales While Maintaining Your Integrity As An Artist And A Business

How To Start, Build And Maintain A Succesful Photography Workshop Busines

Safety & Reliability


Aaron Reed Photography, LLC is a licensed, fully insured business and a responsible member of the photographic community. I operate all of my workshops under the guidelines, rules and regulations of the National Park Service, State Parks & Forest Services. I am certified in Adult & Child CPR/AED & First Aid, Wilderness First Responder Trained and Follow Leave No Trace Principals. I have operated on location photography workshops since 2009.

Mount Rainier National Park is a United States National Park located in southeast Pierce County and northeast Lewis County in Washington state. It was established on March 2, 1899 as the fifth national park in the United States. The park encompasses 236,381 acres (369.35 sq mi; 956.60 km2) including all of Mount Rainier, a 14,411-foot (4,392 m) stratovolcano. The mountain rises abruptly from the surrounding land with elevations in the park ranging from 1,600 feet to over 14,000 feet (490 - 4,300 m). The highest point in the Cascade Range, around it are valleys, waterfalls, sub-alpinemeadowsold-growth forest and more than 25 glaciers. The volcano is often shrouded in clouds that dump enormous amounts of rain and snow on the peak every year.

Just Like Paradise - Mt Rainier - August 10th - 12th, 2019 - Registration Fee $1495 - 3 spaces remaining

   Registration for this workshop can be found here: Just Like Paradise 3 Day Mt Rainier Workshop 2019   

  This scheduled 3 day in the field workshop will be held the second week in August based on my years of experience photographing the park during the wildflower season. Even in less than monumental years or when the season comes earlier than expected, there is still an astounding amount of breathtaking photographic opportunities in the park during this time including spectacular views of the mountain at every turn, waterfalls, old growth forests, rivers, streams and lakes. If you do not have the opportunity to register for my flex workshop described below, but still want your very best chance at seeing the incredible display of wildflowers in the park, this is it!

   We will be meeting at paradise lodge the morning of the 10th, to begin a short hike just before dawn and the workshop will conclude just after sunset on August 12th. The closest major airport to Mount Rainier National Park is the Seattle Tacoma International Airport(SEA). This airport is in Seattle, Washington and is approx 80 miles from the Nisqually entrance to Rainier National Park. Transportation to and from the park, hotel accommodations, entrance fees and travel during the workshop are not included in the registration fee for this workshop. Those interested can email me directly for my food/lodging and travel recommendations. Once registered, you will receive a greater detail of information about the workshop, the places we will be visiting, the expected conditions and all of my gear recommendations specifically tailored to this workshop. Light to Moderate hiking on uneven surfaces will be required and some hiking may be considered strenuous for short periods of time and by those less experienced. We will not be going on any extreme or back country hikes on this workshop.

   This workshop is limited to 6 people and is expected to be one of my most popular of 2019. I have been asked to conduct this workshop for many years. If you are interested, I suggest you do not delay in signing up. To register, a 50% deposit is required with the remaining 50% due on or before June 17th, 2019.

2019 Mount Rainier FLEX Workshop - Dates TBD (estimated late July or August) Registration Fee $2695 - 3 spaces remaining

Registration for this workshop can be found here:  Mt Rainier 2019 Five Day FLEX Workshop

   This exclusive 5 day workshop is for those who have the time and flexibility for last minute planning and want to be assured that they will be able to photograph the park during the peak of the wildflower season in 2019! This incredible opportunity is limited to just 4 people, a small intimate workshop where we will cover all areas of the park during the prime season. Mount Rainier Park during this time is one of the most incredible, inspiring and breathtaking sights I have witnessed in my life and I am extremely excited to offer this opportunity to four very lucky people in 2019. Registrants for this workshop will be updated through the summer beginning in June on the current conditions inside the park. I will be traveling to the park each week through July and into August to obtain a feet on the ground conditions report for the park. As soon as the wildflower season begins, I will reach out to the four registrants and we will finalize a starting date for the workshop, secure travel and hotel accommodations (not included in the registration fee) and set our final plans into motion.  Travel to and from the park will not be included.

   Due to the last minute planning this workshop will require, there is a good possibility we will need to stay outside of the park. Transportation to and from the park, hotel accommodations, entrance fees and travel during the workshop are not included in the registration fee for this workshop. Those interested can email me directly for my food/lodging and travel recommendations. Due to the uniqueness and opportunities provided with this workshop, I expect it to sell out quite quickly. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me for further details or with any questions you may have. A 50% deposit is due upon registration to reserve your spot on this workshop with the remaining 50% due no later than May 1st, 2019. After May 1st, there will be no refunds available due to the unique nature and planning taking place to offer this trip of a lifetime!