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The Joy of Bob Ross and Those Happy Little Trees
November 10, 2023

Even if you’ve never stepped foot inside an art gallery or museum, chances are you’ve heard the name Bob Ross. You might also know about Bob Ross’s famous “happy little trees” or “happy little clouds...

Ten Famous Abstract Artists Throughout History
April 22, 2023
Ten Famous Abstract Artists Throughout History

A plethora of art styles have existed since art became a concept, but abstract art is often one of the most misunderstood styles of today’s age...

Traditional Art Vs Digital Art
February 25, 2023

Digital art has existed for several decades, but it has only recently become accessible to the general population of artists. Because more and more digital artworks are being created in today’s landscape, some art enthusiasts wonder whether one art form has more value than the other...

The Great American Landscape Painters
History of The American Landscape Painters

The American wilderness has long held a special place in the global imagination. Though by no means the empty and theftable landscape imagined by the earliest settlers from Spain, France, Portugal, and England, the natural bounty and diversity of North America was a stark antithesis to the crowded, messy order of premodern Europe...

What Is Abstract Photography?
The Ultimate Guide To Abstract Photography

Photography, like any form of art, is meant to tell a story. But it isn’t always obvious what that story is. This is what sets abstract photography apart from more conventional styles; you, the buyer, the owner, or the collector are free to decide what it means and how to enjoy it...

History of Landscape Photography
The History of Landscape Photography

The more that society has industrialized—become built up into big, loud, and crowded cities—the more people have become interested in and attached to nature and the outdoors...

Art Styles Throughout History
From Renaissance Through Contemporary | Art Styles Throughout History

The past century has seen a flowering in the variety of artistic styles. What was once a rigidly defined and formal craft bloomed into a more emotional and expressive form of creativity, giving birth to hundreds of unique genres and regional movements...

What IS Fine Art Photography?
What Is Fine Art Photography?

The phrase “fine art photography” is one of the few places where we can still run into the word “fine” in its original definition. “Of high quality” is a good description of this genre, but fine photography is much more than just “really good” photography...