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The Canon R5 | My Scandalous Affair With Sony a7RIV
It's Alive! The Canon EOS R5 Is Finally Here!

The long awaited Canon EOS R5 full frame mirrorless camera was officially announced today along with a collection of lenses and other EOS accessories...

Why I ditched the Fuji GFX100 for the Sony A7R IV

Disclaimers & What Matters To Me

Let me start this off with a few disclaimers. First off, this post is not meant to persuade you in any way, or to keep you from throughly enjoying your camera of choice...

Canon EOS R5: Everything I Love The Most
Everything I Love About the Canon EOS R5 That Has Nothing To Do With Video

I am one of the fortunate few, who woke up bright and early on July 9th, pounded 2 cups of coffee and waited impatiently for the Canon EOS R5 live stream to begin...