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The Day I Was Nearly Boiled Alive In Iceland
Amazing Iceland

Back in 2016 I made my first trip to the incredible island of Iceland with my friend and fellow photographer Lance Rudge. This adventure ending up being my favorite photography adventure to date, spending ten days chasing light around the island...

The Wonders of Iceland Photography
The Natural Wonders of Iceland

There aren’t many true wildernesses left in the world to explore. Human activity and development have encroached on many of the natural wonders around the world, and national parks, preserves, and designated wildernesses are some of the few pockets which still hold a bit of the magic and wonder of the dynamic and living planet...

Iceland Landscape & Nature Photography Prints

In July of 2016 I took a direct flight from Seattle to Iceland to spend 10 days on the road exploring and photographing the amazing island and it's incredible landscapes. Packed with waterfalls, lava fields, glaciers, mountains and beautiful rugged beaches its no wonder that Iceland is a top destination for many each year...