Worlds Best Japanese Maple Tree Photography

Worlds Finest Japanese Maple & Japanese Garden Photography

Of all of the Limited Edition photographic fine art prints that I produce, my Japanese Maple Tree collections are my most popular. My first limited edition ever released, Living Lightning, sold all 200 of the available pieces and has been retired, never to be produced again as a photographic print. The second piece in the collection, Dragons Breath, followed by selling out all 200 pieces in the collection. My current best seller, Heavens Gate, is 50% sold out at the time of this writing. All of my Japanese Maple prints are shown in this gallery for you to appreciate the beauty of these magnificent trees.

Trees are significant in many of the world's mythologies and religions, and have been given deep and sacred meanings throughout the ages. Human beings, observing the growth and death of trees, and the annual death and revival of their foliage, have often seen them as powerful symbols of growth, death and rebirth. Evergreen trees, which largely stay green throughout these cycles, are sometimes considered symbols of the eternal, immortality or fertility. The image of the Tree of life or world tree occurs in many mythologies.