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What Are Peter Lik® Style Prints?

"Peter Lik Style" prints are produced using photographic papers that utilize silver halide, such as FujiFlex, that have inherent reflective properties and are finished using a museum quality process called acrylic face mounting. The three-dimensional "look" or "style" and illuminated, or back-lit visual appearance of Peter Lik fine art prints is achieved through the print process itself and then amplified by showcasing the work under high quality halogen lighting in a dim gallery environment. Individual colors, levels of contrast and overall luminescence of an image all play a role in how strong of an effect is achieved through this print process and presentation.

I have utilized these same printing methods for over a decade, offering the finest limited edition photography prints available today. Even in natural lighting environments the beauty of artwork that has been masterfully produced this way has a stunning and dynamic effect. Replicating the lighting in your home or office to emulate a fine art gallery presentation will multiply the beauty of the work ten fold.

Who Is Peter Lik®?

Peter Lik (born 1959) is a photographer from Australia, best known for his nature and panoramic landscape images. With 15 galleries currently operating across the US, many in high traffic vacation destinations, there has been an increased interest in his work in recent years. As a result Lik has enjoyed a great deal of success. On December 9th, 2014, Lik reportedly sold The worlds most expensive photograph though many news outlets and art critics, including the New York Times dispute this anonymous sale. One thing is for certain, Lik and his work both create quite a buzz!

Let There Be Light

Fine Art Limited Edition of 50 - This piece is currently over 60% Sold Out.

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Fine Art Limited Edition of 100 by Aaron Reed - This piece is currently over 50% Sold Out.

Out To Sea Pano

Fine Art Limited Edition of 100 by Aaron Reed - This piece is currently 20% Sold Out.

What Does Peter Lik® Print On?

FujiFlex Super-Gloss is a fine art photographic paper with a white polyester base providing unmatched levels of surface gloss, sharpness and color depth. Produced by Fujifilm, this incredible silver halide photographic paper creates a visual depth and clarity that is particularly beautiful with rich, saturated imagery. This paper is a favorite of Peter Lik and many other photographers around the world producing some of the highest quality photographic prints available.

How Much is A Peter Lik® Print?

Today you can find pricing for much of Lik's newest work online on his website. According to interview and subsequent article written by the New York Times, pricing typically starts between $4000 - $5500. When 95 percent of an image has sold it becomes “Premium Peter Lik” and the price jumps to $17,500. At 98 percent, it’s “Second Level Premium Peter Lik” and leaps to $35,000. And when the image gets down to its last handful, the prices can go as high as $200,000 or more. While you may have paid over $200,000 for an original Lik print through his gallery, the secondary market will give you a more realistic value that you should expect from your art should you choose to sell it.


Elevate your home with Aaron Reed's limited edition photography print, Crackle, from his Amazing Tree Photography collection. Order yours today! Fine Art Limited Edition of 50.

Are Peter Lik® Photos Valuable Or A Good Investment?

This is a question you are going to need to answer for yourself, because value can be determined a number of different ways. If your idea of value comes from the satisfaction and beauty on your walls, I have no doubt you will find the value you are looking for. To determine monetary value or investment value, I would encourage you to research auction sites online, such as 1stdibs or Artbrokerage, where you can find actual prices artwork has sold for.

Where Is Peter Lik® Art For Sale? | Gallery Locations

At the time of this writing, artist Peter Lik operates 14 fine art galleries across the US. The overhead involved in operating this many galleries in high traffic, high tourism locations explains part of the high cost of ownership.

    • Lik Gallery - Aspen, Colorado
    • Lik Gallery - Caesars, Las Vegas, Nevada
    • Lik Gallery - Chicago, Illinois
    • Lik Gallery - The Forum, Las Vegas, Nevada
    • Lik Gallery - Key West, Florida
    • Lik Gallery - Lahaina, Maui
    • Lik Gallery - La Jolla, California
    • Lik Gallery - Madison Avenue, New York, New York
    • Lik Gallery - Mandalay, Las Vegas, Nevada
    • Lik Gallery - Miami, Florida
    • Lik Gallery - Soho, New York, New York
    • Lik Gallery - The Venetian, Las Vegas, Nevada
    • Lik Gallery - Waikiki, Honolulu, Hawaii
    • Lik Gallery - Washington, D.C.

What Camera Does Peter Lik® Use?

Lik is best known for his panoramic photographs captured with a Linhof 617 Technorama and using Fuji film. He also creates digital photographs using a number of cameras including a Phase One, the Nikon D850 and the new FujiFlex GFX100.


Fine Art Limited Edition of 100 - This piece is currently over 35% Sold Out.

Famous Work by Peter Lik®

Peter Lik has a number of famous pieces that have helped to define his career. Here is a list of a small number of them by name.

1. Phantom

A photograph of a shaft of light and falling sand inside upper Antelope Canyon in Page, Arizona.

2. Tree Of Life

A photograph of a Japanese Lace Leaf Maple tree located in the Portland Japanese Garden in Portland, Oregon.

3. Sacred Sunrise

A photograph of the rising sun illuminating the underside of a stone arch in Canyonlands National Park.

4. Endless Summer

A photograph of a sky full of clouds and the pacific ocean through Scripps Pier in La Jolla, California.

5. Spirit Of the Universe

A composite photograph of a sky full of stars and sunset light over a lone tree and a field of lavender.

6. Ghost

A photograph of Antelope Canyon located in Page, Arizona.

7. One

An abstract photograph of trees reflected in a body of water.

Heavens Gate

Fine Art Limited Edition of 100 by Aaron Reed - This piece is currently over 30% Sold Out.

What Are Acrylic Face Mounted Prints?

Face mounting is a print finishing process that involves taking a traditional photographic print and applying an optically clear adhesive to the face of the print to then adhere (back mount) the print to acrylic glass. Once this process is completed, a backing material like Dibond or a second sheet of acrylic is adhered to the backside of the print to offer protection and provide stability to the artwork. Finally, the completed piece is either framed externally or finished with a float mount that allows the print to hang frameless on the wall appearing to float in place. This type of finishing process does not require an external frame and offers a clean and modern appearance.


For many, the asking price for much of the work from Peter Lik exceeds available resources, causing prospective buyers to search elsewhere for Lik alternatives, or to browse the secondary market. While the artwork found on secondary markets like Ebay or Art Brokerage does typically provide reduced costs to what you would find in a gallery, there will always be concerns with selection, specific sizing and overall condition when purchasing pre-owned fine art prints.

Oftentimes, seeking out Peter Lik alternatives will not only save you a great deal of money, but offer you a wider selection of both artwork and framing as well as flawless original fine art. My limited edition prints began being compared to Peter Lik back in 2013 when various collectors began sharing my work online. This wasn't a comparison I made, it was my collectors testimonials who made this distinction based on the quality, style and visual impact of my artwork displayed in their homes and offices around the world.

Acrylic Face-Mounted Prints by Aaron Reed

Acrylic Face Mounted prints are my suggested print medium of choice for a number of reasons, the first and most important of these being the image quality and overall visual presentation of the work. As described above, dynamic images produced as gallery quality acrylic face mounted prints, when produced by a master printer using the finest materials available today are without equal.

I direct hundreds of these pieces to be produced on my behalf for collectors of my work each year with staggering results. The detail, contrast, color and luminosity of these prints is spectacular and the way the images appear to grow brighter & richer depending on the quality of light falling on them is nothing short of exquisite. While the cost of these pieces keep some potential customers from owning this type of art, those who are fortunate enough to treat themselves are never disappointed in having made this decision. Just as Mr. Lik does, many photographers around the world use this type of medium to show their finest work to the public.

To view and purchase limited edition, museum quality fine art photography from my collections please choose from one of my online galleries below.

The Vortex

Fine Art Limited Edition of 50 - This piece is currently over 30% Sold Out.


Fine Art Limited Edition of 100 - A legendary Japanese Maple tree spreads its wings for all those who come to watch in this limited edition photograph by artist Aaron Reed.

On Earth, As It Is In Heaven

A Fine Art Limited Edition of 100 by Artist Aaron Reed

Where Is The Aaron Reed Photography Gallery?

Due to the high costs of producing gallery quality photographic art, I decided early on in my career that I would rather build my business and my brand around creating limited edition art that could be afforded by more than just the rich and affluent. If I were to open and maintain a physical gallery, I would need to quadruple my pricing structure overnight.

This increase in cost would not add any value to your purchase as a collector and would only further feed the retail machine that drove it. To meet the goal of keeping my work affordable while maintaining the same level of quality, I choose to work out of my home office. As a result I am challenged everyday to market my work to potential customers who in many cases have never viewed it in person.

I am proud to say that of the thousands of prints I have sold in my career I have never had a single customer unhappy with their purchase. The fact of the matter is that the prints I offer are even MORE beautiful in person than the images that represent them online.

Home On The Range

A Fine Art Limited Edition of 100 by artist Aaron Reed.

Tunnel Vision

A Fine Art Limited Edition of 50 by Aaron Reed, currently over 30% Sold Out.

Real World Value | Aaron Reed Luxury Fine Art

I go to great lengths to ensure my prints visually match these representations so there are no surprises for my customers, other than how much more beautiful they are in person than they expected. Because I work from my home office, I am able to offer my work at prices that are much more reasonable than those who operate galleries and have to pay their employees, lease agreements and the general operating costs of this type of retail store.

While the actual production costs of producing these pieces certainly isn't inexpensive, the profit margin I maintain is going to allow you to have beautiful art in your home AND still pay the mortgage to keep the walls up around it. In addition, I work personally with each and every collector, never leaving you to deal with an art director, consultant or office staff. You can reach me just about anytime I am not sleeping via email or telephone and I always return customer inquiries within 24 hours.

Believe The Hype Or Believe In Value?

If you want the very best and most visually brilliant gallery quality photographic art available today, acrylic face mount prints are the style you are looking for. Choosing the specific imagery that is most flattered by this medium is a skill that many photographers simply aren't in touch with. Many photographers also produce images with only themselves and other photographers in mind, completely discounting the type of work that people like you would enjoy hanging in your home. Even worse, many photographers attempt to enter this market without ever producing their work in any large sizes at all leaving the quality of your purchase completely up to chance in an effort to save themselves a few dollars.

I meet and work with hundreds of new customers each year but rarely is their first purchase of my work their last. The pieces that I offer as part of my limited edition collections are hand selected based on their visual beauty and strong compositions bringing both depth and visual wonder to the empty walls of your home or business.

The choice is yours... you can treat yourself to artwork that costs tens of thousands of dollars or you can purchase visually similar work from an artist such as myself and use the rest to send one of your children to college or buy that new sports car you've been eyeing. You know, depending on where your priorities fall. :) Thank you for taking the time to read this article and for your interest in my work and fine art photography in general. If you would like to speak with me further you can reach out to me via my website here.

Dragon's Breath
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