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Luxury Fine Art Framing With Roma Moulding

While one of the greatest benefits of acrylic face mounting as a fine art medium is its ability to be displayed frameless, there is no doubt that an externally framed fine art photography print commands attention. Often times I personally prefer a fully framed piece, having both a finished and more luxurious look and feel. For those who truly want the very best museum quality art, I offer my Lumachrome HD prints externally framed with ROMA Hand Made Italian Framing and linen liners in your choice of colors.

Advantages of Custom Framing

I’ve talked a lot, across other posts, about the proper way to select, purchase, and present art. We’ve gone over the best places to find art, the relative advantages of different print formats, where to place a piece of fine art in your home, and how to illuminate photography prints like a pro.

One thing which has been passed over so far, however, but which is one of the most important aspects of art acquisition and curation, is framing. A frame influences the impact of a piece as much as its placement in a room and is vital for protection and preservation. Anyone looking to invest in a piece of fine art should understand the basics of framing in order to properly care for and share their works. As with any other aspect of design, however, there are better and worse ways to do this. Here, we’ll talk about custom framing, and how professional framers like Roma Moulding can create the perfect fit and the best look for your one-of-a-kind piece.

California Love | Oceans & Rivers Photography | Aaron Reed

Adorn your walls with Aaron Reed's limited edition photography print, California Love, from his Oceans & Rivers Luxury Art collection. Order yours today! Fine Art Limited Edition of 50.

Why Custom Framing For Fine Art Photography?

Before we talk about custom framing, however, it’s important to understand the purpose of framing itself.

Art is plentiful nowadays. Amazon,, Etsy, and dozens of other ecommerce sites offer pieces for just about every space and style. Much of this art, however, doesn’t come with a frame—it’s either simple paper prints/posters, or standalone canvas.

The truth is that almost no piece of art needs a frame, just like a car doesn’t need doors. You can hang a poster or art print with thumb tacks stuck through the material or sticky clay or silicone adhesive pads pressed on the back—it’ll stick. By the same token, canvas prints usually come with a mounting kit or only require a nail to sit on. So then what exactly is the frame for?

Silken Stone | Abstract Photography | Aaron Reed

Elevate your home with Aaron Reed's limited edition photography print, Silken Stone, from his American Southwest Photography collection. Order yours today! Fine Art Limited Edition of 50.

Fine Art Preservation

Even though a piece of art may just sit on the wall for years, including a frame can help preserve the work for longer. For one, you won’t have to pierce it with anything or bond sticky substances to it. These can tear the work overtime and fade the colors, respectively. A frame serves as a stable anchor point for d clips or other hanging setups which will hold the art in place without causing damage. As well, for canvas prints and other formats that stick out a little from the wall, a frame prevents accidental bumps and nudges from wearing down materials or scratching paint.

Most importantly, frames often include a glass fronting which can further protect from rough accidental contact, but also—depending on the glass type—keep out harmful UV rays and vapors/gasses. A good frame essentially seals the work in a secure case which will save it from the wear-and-tear of everyday life and any moves you ever have to do.

The Church | Iceland Landscape Photography | Aaron Reed

Transform your space with Aaron Reed's limited edition photography print, The Church, from his Iceland Nature Photography collection. Order yours today! Fine Art Limited Edition of 50.

Photography Presentation

Frames also enhance the appeal of the work itself. A good frame will make a piece look professionally mounted, will highlight and make it stand out from the wall it’s hung on, and make the colors look more vibrant and full.

Frames come in many different styles and materials, and like any other decorative aspect of a space, the right frame can complete a room. A thick and ornate frame of fine varnished wood or lacquer speaks to the heritage of a piece and makes the space it’s in feel more intimate and warm. A thin brushed metal frame in black or silver provides a more stark division between art and surroundings and will work well in any minimalist or modern setting where the aim is a more clean and open feeling.

Sunkissed | Abstract Photography | Aaron Reed

Elevate your home with Aaron Reed's limited edition photography print, Sunkissed, from his Newest Work Photography collection. Order yours today! Fine Art Limited Edition of 50.

What is Custom Framing?

In all the sections above, we’ve used the phrase “good frame” instead of just “frame” because, as you’d expect, not all frames are created equal.

If you’ve gone into a Hobby Lobby or a Michael’s or even a Target or Walmart, you’ve probably seen a selection of ready-made frames. These are usually small (often no bigger than 8”x10”), and mass-produced according to the most current and fleeting kitschy style. Even at a dedicated frame shop, though your options may be diverse size-wise and a little less garish, brushed metal and simple wood frames in common sizes will make up the bulk of your choices. These frames are of middling quality, and will do just fine for most situations.

But what if you want more? What if you’re looking for something besides black metal or low-quality plywood—what if your piece is exceptionally large or of a nonstandard size—what if you want more than vague assurances about the archival safety of your frame?

The answer to all these questions is custom framing. Custom frames are unique pieces made by professional framers to suit the specific logistical needs of your artwork and your personal stylistic preferences. Custom framers work on a level of precision not to be found among pre-made frame offerings. No wiggly joints, no uneven corners, and no loose mattings.

Custom framers often have access to much higher quality materials, as well. Clients can choose from rare and repurposed woods and exotic and durable alloys, plus choose from a variety of different finishes, shapes, and thicknesses. Best of all, the materials used by professional framers are completely safe; acid-free backings and mattes mean no damage to the paints or inks, while special glass panes block out UV light and other rays which can fade colors or yellow paper over time.

With custom framing, you have full control over how your art is kept and presented, with no need to worry about damage or deterioration in the future. Yet even here, there exist various echelons of quality and craftsmanship. At the very top sits Roma Moulding.

Falling Embers Panoramic

Transform your space with Aaron Reed's luxury fine art photography print, Embers, from his Panoramic Wall Art collection. Order yours today! Fine Art Limited Edition of 50.

Roma Moulding | Handcrafted In Italy

Roma Moulding are perhaps the finest custom framing professionals in the world at present. Founded in 1984, Roma is more a collection of artists and master craftsmen than a simple framing business.

Roma’s frames are produced in Italy, a nexus of the art world for centuries. The craftsmen employed in Roma’s workshops are the intellectual and familial descendents of the framers who once mounted the works of the doge, the Medicis, and the rest of the Italian nobility, created by the finest artists history has ever known. Just like back then, Roma’s craftsmen still work by hand, with the closest attention to detail and highest dedication to quality and excellence.

The materials used by Roma are carefully selected according to their fineness and their safety. No cheap particle board or composite materials are employed in Roma’s frames, which are all made from the highest quality lumbers sourced from across the globe. The glues used to hold their frames together are natural and nonreactive, as are their varnishes, to ensure a gorgeous finish and lifetime protection.

Roma offers frames for every taste and price point, perfectly cut to fit any artwork. Visitors to their website can choose between three main tiers (Simply Roma, Roma One, and Roma Elite), small photo frames, and frames for mirrors. Each group contains offerings in eighteen colors and eleven shape profiles, sorted into dozens of different custom collections so that you’re sure to find the best fit for your artwork. At Roma, mounting art becomes an art in and of itself.


Proper framing isn’t just about making a picture or a painting look good. It’s also a sign of appreciation and respect for a fine and valuable piece of artwork and a symbol of dedication to its care and preservation. Framing will please your friends and guests and is a great way to express your own style, but it’s also another part of buying smart when buying art. Roma is passionate and devoted to what they do, and for those who feel the same about art, they’re an invaluable resource.


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Shockwaves | Abstract Photography | Aaron Reed

Elevate your home with Aaron Reed's limited edition photography print, Shockwaves, from his Newest Work Photography collection. Order yours today! Fine Art Limited Edition of 50.

A Tunnel of Live Oak Trees With Fresh Spring Greens Inside Central Park in New York City | Tree Photography for Sale by Aaron Reed

Historic live oak trees all dressed in their spring greens tower over tourists and travelers inside Central Park in New York City, New York. Large, framed & unframed wall art prints for sale. Fine Art Limited Edition of 50.