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What Is Lumas Art? Art For Sale Online

Today there are more artists, more art lovers and more pieces of art out there than ever before. Despite the ubiquity of online marketplaces and brick-and-mortar galleries, there is still a struggle to offer high quality works at a reasonable price while properly compensating the artists. The advent of social media and NFT minting and trading have been steps towards addressing these problems, but by far the greatest progress has been made through equitable marketplaces like Lumas.

Lumas is a huge online platform for buying and selling works of fine art. Lumas partners directly with its artists to ensure fair profit sharing while also dedicating themselves to low prices within reach of all types of collectors. Their website and extensive network of galleries are great places to find the perfect piece of art for your space and invaluable resources for artists looking to boost their popularity and forward their careers. Here’s how it all works:

Oceans Treasures | Iceland Landscape Photography | Aaron Reed

Transform your space with Aaron Reed's limited edition photography print, Let There Be Light, from his Iceland Nature Photography collection. Order yours today! Fine Art Limited Edition of 50.

Origins of Lumas Art

Lumas was born in New York in 1996 when Stefanie Harig and Marc Alexander Ullrich bought five original press photos from a little gallery in the East Village. That special experience, of encountering and obtaining a rare collection of art and history, changed both their lives and inspired them to bring their passion for art and the gift of artistic discovery to the whole world.

Over the next decade, they visited galleries, connected with artists, purchased and traded rare and bespoke pieces and worked to build their own creative community focused around fine art photography. Together, in 2004, they launched their own unique forum for marketing art, working closely with a select team of artists to build a platform that would provide exposure, promotion, and fair compensation for creators.

As the project grew, Harig and Ullrich expanded their scope from their native Germany and began vending and curating artworks around the world, including painting, sculpture, and other art media alongside photography. Their collection now spans both the classical and abstract, the vintage and the contemporary, both black and white and color. With twenty-four galleries worldwide, Lumas has become one of the premier orgs for both artists and enthusiasts alike.

Ignition | Abstract Photography | Aaron Reed

Transform your space with Aaron Reed's limited edition photography print, Ignition, from his Abstract Nature Photography collection. Order yours today! Fine Art Limited Edition of 200.

Lumas Art Mission

The goal of Lumas and its founders is to bring the joy of art to the public at an affordable but ethical price. Too many online art purveyors today either sell cheap mass-produced prints or high-quality prints at exorbitant prices well beyond the budget of all but the most serious professional collectors and investors.

In most of these cases, too, artists are pushed to the background, earning little for their work and/or not being promoted in any way. Lumas strives to connect artists with their patrons and further expand their global community through fair-trade sales. By offering limited runs of medium size (75-150), buyers are able to afford stunning artworks, and artists make a healthy profit and receive proper recognition.

The creators of Lumas want to gift the same special experience they had in 1996 to all of their customers. With their huge catalog of over 3,000 works, everyone is bound to find something that speaks to them. Whether online or in one of their galleries, you have the chance to have a memorable artistic encounter and revolutionize your home interior spaces.

The Sands of Time | Abstract Photography | Aaron Reed

Elevate your home with Aaron Reed's limited edition photography print, The Sands of Time, from his Newest Work Photography collection. Order yours today! Fine Art Limited Edition of 50.

Lumas Art Editions

Lumas’s catalog is centered around their special editions. They offer eight different families of prints to fit any budget and stylistic preference.

Limited Edition Photography Prints

Lumas’s main focus is their limited editions. These are small runs of signed prints by artists hand picked by the Lumas discovery team. Each work is hand signed by the artist and is available in multiple sizes and mounting options.

Masters Series Art Prints

The masters series is a collection of small-run works by established artists who have toured their works in galleries and institutions across the world. Buyers can’t select printing and mounting options, but get the chance to take home a truly special piece of museum-grade art.

Classics Art & Photography Prints

Lumas isn’t just about brand new art—they also understand the allure and mystique of past masterworks. Applying their world-class printing techniques, Lumas offers open editions of classic photographic works—cityscapes, portraits, press photographs, and more—all at a reasonable price and with ample options for customization.

A Tree Lined Driveway of Maple Trees With Green Leaves on a Foggy Morning | Tree Photography for Sale by Aaron Reed

You can almost hear the hush of the cool morning fog enveloping this tree lined driveway near Snoqualmie, Washington. Large, framed & unframed wall art prints for sale. Fine Art Limited Edition of 100.

Minis Open Edition Prints

Minis are another open edition offered by Lumas with the goal of gift giving in mind. Images span a variety of subjects and are smaller, usually under a foot and a half. Each piece is premade and mounted with durable and archival materials.

Open Editions Photography & Art Prints

The open editions category is a catch-all for classic and contemporary works printed with no set production limit. Here you’ll find bold and memorable artworks on a wide price scale; some offer customization, others are finished by the creator. They’re the best option for obtaining a striking interior centerpiece without breaking the bank.

Art Now Collection

These are similar to the minis but with more affordable and customizable framing options. Everything from portraiture to landscapes and abstract works can be found here, and all are great gift ideas or space fillers to make your room feel more cozy and inviting.

FireFlies Panoramic

Transform your space with Aaron Reed's luxury fine art photography print, Fireflies, from his Panoramic Wall Art collection. Order yours today! Fine Art Limited Edition of 50.

Special Art Editions

These pieces have the form factor of an eye-catching centerpiece, and even bear the artist’s signature, but at a low price. Printed and mounted with premium materials, they’re the perfect choice for beginners just starting out in the world of art collection.

Objects Sculpture & 3D Artwork

Finally, the objects category is reserved for sculpture and 3D art pieces of all kinds. Here, you’ll find limited editions, classics, and even some works by household names like Jeff Koons. Lumas isn’t just about wall art, and this is the best way to top that end table or complement that sofa

Lumas Art Galleries

All these editions are available online, but for those who like to see a work face to face before acquisition, Lumas’s chain of galleries stretches across two continents. Collections are always rotating, and you never know what you’ll find when you visit. As well, Lumas regularly hosts special exhibitions and events, giving you the chance to see and procure a truly unique work of art.

Tumble Rumble Ramble
Fine Art Limited Edition of 50 - A fine art limited edition print titled Tumble Rumble Ramble photographed in Tumwater Canyon near Leavenworth, Washington.

Is Lumas Art Good For Artists?

One of the most important things which sets Lumas apart from the rest is their deference to their resident artists. Artists are hand picked by Lumas, but it’s they who get to call the shots about pricing, printing, framing, run size, and more. This allows artists to relax and follow their own creative process and business intuition. Plus, each artwork has a link to the artist’s bio, allowing shoppers and buyers to get to know the creators and generating vital publicity.


Lumas is a rare phenomenon in the online art world, pairing low prices with effective artist promotion. Though they may not draw the same crowds as places like Etsy or Amazon, Lumas offers similar pricing, and true appreciators of art will recognize the difference in quality.

Lumas has helped pair over 260,000 people with affordable pieces of fine art, and customers praise the wide selection, excellent curation, and quality service. Shopping with them is a wonderful way to find something special and to get it from a reputable and equitable source, and a visit to their website or galleries offers the chance to capture that same feeling that inspired the org’s founders over twenty-five years ago.

Echoes of Fall | White Aspen Trees in Fog With Red Ground Foliage | Tree Photography for Sale by Aaron Reed

Stark white aspen trees blanketed by fog and contrasted by autumn undergrowth in this small aspen grove near Leavenworth, Washington. Large, framed & unframed wall art prints for sale. Fine Art Limited Edition of 100.