Lumachrome Acrylic Fine Art Photography Prints

Lumachrome Acrylic Fine Art Photography Prints

The most luxurious gallery quality pieces that I offer are Lumachrome TruLife Acrylic Fine Art prints. These unparalleled original works of art showcase a harmonious blend of meticulous craftsmanship and visual brilliance. The photography itself is produced as fine art print transparency, that is then face mounted to museum grade Trulife® acrylic glass. This crystal-clear, scratch-resistant, and non-reflective glass, known for its museum-quality attributes, allows for the precise presentation of intricate details and vibrant colors, ensuring an unparalleled visual experience without any distractions.This masterly crafted work of art is then adhered to a second sheet of acrylic glass, thoroughly isolating it from all elemental damage. Finally, the artwork is finished using a float mount frame recessed on the reverse, creating a ready to hang contemporary piece of unrivaled quality and exquisite beauty.

The visual impact of these fine art prints is extraordinary, boasting remarkable depth and an almost 3D quality characterized by high-definition details, graceful tonal transitions, and vibrant colors. The unique construction of these museum-quality works of art capture and reflect light in a captivating manner, creating the illusion that the artwork is illuminated or backlit. Other mediums like ChromaLuxe Metal prints or traditional canvas or photographic papers do not have this same reaction to light.Lumachrome Acrylic prints exude a silver, pearl-like luminescence, contributing to the overall opulence of these exceptional pieces. As natural light interacts with your living space, the luminescence of the artwork subtly transforms, breathing life into the masterpiece right before your eyes.

TruLife Non-Glare & Scratch Resistant Acrylic Glass

All of my Acrylic Fine Art Prints are produced with TruLife Acrylic Glass. This revolutionary product delivers the highest-resolution viewing experience of photographic artwork available today. TruLife features a single-sided virtually invisible anti-reflective coating allowing viewers to see the finest details. TruLife acrylic glass is also UV-filtering, abrasion resistant, and anti-static offering uncompromising protection and preservation.

TruLife Acrylic Glass is expensive, adding an additional three to four hundred dollars to my production costs. While many photographers and galleries use a less expensive acrylic for their photography prints, I choose to use only the very best for my clients, with no additional costs passed on to them. This is the experience and meaning of Luxury Fine Art.

• Anti-reflective—reflections are nearly invisible once print is face mounted

• Vibrant colors, depth, and clarity

• Abrasion resistance

• Anti-static properties to minimize dust

• 99% UV protection

• Cleans like glass—no special acrylic cleaner required

Falling Embers Panoramic

Transform your space with Aaron Reed's luxury fine art photography print, Embers, from his Panoramic Wall Art collection. Order yours today! Fine Art Limited Edition of 50.

What is A Lumachrome Photography Print?

Lumachrome Photography Prints are created using a process called face-mounting. Lumachrome is a proprietary process that begins by printing the photographic image on a transparency. At this stage, the print is translucent allowing light to be seen through the image when held to the light. This transparency is then adhered to a second layer of white poly material that is infused with iridium particles. This is where the magic begins, as light is reflected off the iridium and through the transparency, causing a glowing or backlit effect when exposed to external light sources.

This two-part photographic print is now mounted between two sheets of acrylic glass, significantly magnifying the visual effect. This mounting process also fully encapsulates the artwork, protecting it from environmental factors, uv rays and dust and debris.

Finally, this extraordinary artwork is float mounted to a Roma Moulding frame on the reverse, providing a clean and contemporary display that is effortless to hang securely anywhere in your home or office.

Aside from the visual beauty of Lumachrome, the technology behind them delivers the highest quality print that money can buy. Lumachrome prints are produced using 16 bit color, 1200DPI printing and a customized tone curve that combine to produce breathtaking artwork. There is no other photographic print product available in the world today with greater detail or visual beauty. I have been producing my work with Lumachrome Technology since the day it was invented and thousands of exquisite works of art utilizing this technology have been produced on my behalf since 2013. Lumachrome Prints can be produced up to 6o inches tall by 120" wide.


A dry plain of alkaline mud is anodized by desert minerals into a celestial nebula of iridescent hues. The gold and indigo of the cracked causeway mimic the reptilian fauna that call these barren wastes their home. Fine Art Limited Edition of 100.

Lumachrome Characteristics

• Brilliant Colors Lasting Over 120Yrs

• Superior Gamut vs Traditional Fujiflex Prints

• Incredible 3D Depth & Dimensionality

• Unsurpassed Detail & Ability to Hold Highlights

• Superior Shadow Luminosity & Detail

• Radiant Glowing Response Under Halogen Lighting

The Window
Transform your space with Aaron Reed's luxury fine art photography print, The Window, from his Panoramic Wall Art collection. Order yours today! Fine Art Limited Edition of 100

How Does Lumachrome Compare To Metal & Canvas Prints?

When collectors of my work inquire about the differences between Lumachrome Acrylic, ChromaLuxe Metal and Innovaluxe Ultra Gloss Canvas I focus on the visual differences between the three, each having their own unique benefits and drawbacks, depending on where the work will be displayed.

Between the three, when comparing visual detail and color, there truly is no comparison. While the untrained eye may not immediately spot differences between Lumachrome and Chromaluxe, when pointed out to them the differences become clear. Before we dig any deeper, let's look at the other two mediums.

What Is A Metal Print?

Metal Prints are photography prints produced using a product produced by UW Solutions called ChromaLuxe. ChromaLuxe is an aluminum substrate with a very fine multiple layer polymer finish that contains a specialized, formulated coating providing the foundation for a visually stunning and durable fine art print.

Essentially a thin sheet of aluminum, ChromaLuxe prints are also surprisingly light with durability unmatched in fine art printing. ChromaLuxe prints are produced using a technology called sublimation, where inks are infused directly into specially coated metal sheets, creating images with stunning color, vibrancy, and resolution. ChromaLuxe panels are scratch, fade, water, and flame resistant. Requiring nothing more than simple glass cleaner, they are effortless to clean as well. Metal prints can be produced up to 48" tall x 96" wide creating large, captivating image displays for the ultimate in metal wall decor.

Let There Be Light

A wildfire sunset climbs up the forgotten walkways of the emerald temple of Kirkjufellsfoss in Iceland. Shrouds of whitewater trickle past jeweled gardens of moss on their way to the frigid plain of the open ocean. Fine Art Limited Edition of 50.

What Is Innovaluxe Ultra Gloss Canvas?

Innovaluxe Ultra Gloss Rag prints are a new, exciting, and unique fine art print process produced with Innova 380gsm photo cnavas with revolutionary Crystal layer technology. This technology creates a barrier between the canvas and the glossy coating allowing the surface to maintain incredible sharp detail, an enhanced tonal range and exceptional D-Max rating. Innovaluxe prints are archival, acid and lignin free.

Unlike traditional stretched canvas prints, Innovaluxe Ultra Gloss prints are surface mounted to DiBond Aluminum Composite sheeting and finished with the same float mount system used for my Chromaluxe and Lumachrome Acrylic prints. This finished fine art process produces an extremely strong, lightweight & ready to hang fine art print that is essentially glare free.

Roma Moulding Fine Art Framing

While one of the greatest benefits of acrylic face mounting as a fine art medium is its ability to be displayed frameless, there is no doubt that an externally framed fine art piece commands attention. Often times I personally prefer a fully framed piece, having both a finished and more luxurious look and feel. For those who truly want the very best museum quality art, I offer my Lumachrome prints externally framed with ROMA Hand Made Italian Framing and linen liners in your choice of colors. Innovaluxe Ultra Gloss Prints can also be framed with the same options as my Lumachrome Prints.

So, Which Print Medium Is Best?

Fine detail, color gamut, transitions between colors and the quality of both highlights and shadows are second to none with Lumachrome technology. Reaction to light is another benefit that you lose with Chromaluxe or Innovaluxe Prints. When illuminated by either natural or artificial light, Lumachrome Photography Prints appear to glow and take on a rich 3d appearance. While all photography prints benefit from a greater level of quality light, Chromaluxe and Innovaluxe prints both simply appear brighter without any visual changes to the work itself.

Chromaluxe prints can suffer when it comes to small details, especially in smaller prints. Some colors can also be more challenging for the inks used with metal prints, especially certain shades of green. On the flip side, Chromaluxe prints are extremely durable, scratch resistant and easy to clean, making them a good choice for high traffic areas such as medical and hospitality facilities.

Innovaluxe Prints are the lightest, least expensive and create a painterly look with zero reflections. They are produced using the same float mount systems as all of the prints that I offer, making them effortless to securely display. In homes with various paintings already displayed, or where direct glare from large windows is a concern, these can be a perfect choice.

I offer these three different products to account for the various display needs and investment abilities for each collector of my work. All three are beautiful and each is part of the same limited-edition collection that includes all the work I have ever produced. If you have any other questions, I have not answered for you here, please reach out to me through the contact form found on this website.

The Walls

Walls of hexagonal pillars cradle a gentle stream of purest azure in Studalgil Canyon in Iceland. Blurring the line between the hand of man and the whimsy of nature, the gorge sits like an ancient hall whose story is lost to time. Fine Art Limited Edition of 50.