Limited Edition Photography Collection | Best Sellers for 2016

2016 marked the 4th year in a row that sales of my Limited Edition Nature Photography prints have doubled and I am proud to have my work be appreciated by so many, in homes and businesses around the world. This past year I transitioned to Lumachrome HD Acrylic Prints for the majority of my work and now sell more photographic art using this medium than any other artist in the world. I am extremely grateful to everyone that chooses to bring a piece(s) of my art and my vision into their homes. 

   This past year also brought my single largest residential sale, a staggering 25 piece large format display inside an amazing home at the Ridges in Summerlin in Las Vegas, Nevada. This incredible project began with me flying to Las Vegas to consult with my clients personally, advising them on placement, design and display of the art and ended with me returning to their home to personally to oversee the installation of each piece. Many of these pieces were larger than 72 inches wide including my largest single piece to date, an incredible 117" wide framed piece titled "DragonSkin" shown displayed here:

This entire project was incredible on so many levels and being able to be a part of the experience from start to finish was very rewarding and a ton of fun! I look forward to more projects like this one in the future. When you buy work from one of my collections you will always deal directly with me, never pushy gallery directors or art consultants.

Top Selling Pieces For 2016!

  Each year I share my top 10 selling pieces in a summary on my blog like this one. This past year saw the return of some old favorites still on the list from 2015 as well as some new additions that have become very popular in the last year. Let's have a look!

living lighting, Aaron reed, limited edition, fine art, Portland Oregon, Japanese maple, , photo

This piece, titled Living Lightning was my very first Limited Edition piece released back in 2013. This piece has SOLD OUT all 200 of the pieces in the Limited Edition. The image has officially been retired.

fine art, limited edition, antelope, canyon, page, Arizona, slot canyon, lower antelope canyon, , photo

Fine Art Limited Edition of 100 - Antelope Canyon is visited exclusively through guided tours, in part because rains during monsoon season can quickly flood the canyon. Rain does not have to fall on or near the Antelope Canyon slots for flash floods to whip through, as rain falling dozens of miles away upstream of the canyons can funnel into them with little prior notice.

fine art, limited edition, antelope, canyon, page, Arizona, slot canyon, upper antelope canyon, , photo

Fine Art Limited Edition of 100 - The underground slot canyons of Page, Arizona offer a beautiful look at the natural effects of earth, wind and water.

cracked, mud, Iceland, hverir, geothermal, mudcrack, fine art, limited edition, dragonskin,, photo

Fine Art Limited Edition of 100 - Naturally forming mudcracks start as wet, muddy sediment dries up and contracts. A strain is developed because the top layer shrinks while the material below stays the same size. When this strain becomes large enough, channel cracks form in the dried-up surface to relieve the strain. Individual cracks spread and join up, forming a polygonal, interconnected network. These cracks may later be filled with sediment and form casts over the base.

portland, Oregon, fine art, limited edition, dragons breath, Aaron Reed, Japanese Maple, Tree Of Life, , photo

Fine Art Limited Edition of 100 - Acer palmatum includes hundreds of named cultivars with a variety forms, colors, leaf types, sizes, and preferred growing conditions. Heights of mature specimens range from 0.5 m to 25 m, depending on type. Some tolerate sun, but most prefer part shade, especially in hotter climates. Almost all are adaptable and blend well with companion plants. The trees are particularly suitable for borders and ornamental paths because the root systems are compact and not invasive.

Limited Edition Fine Art Photo of Aspen Trees with fall color, photo

Fine Art Limited Edition of 100 - A photograph of a forest of white birch trees shrouded in fog with an impressive display of autumn undergrowth named Echoes Of Fall.

portland, Oregon, fine art, limited edition, dragons breath, Aaron Reed, Peter Lik Tree, Japanese Maple, Tree Of Life, , photo

Dragon's Breath was first released in October 2013. This piece has now SOLD OUT all 200 of the pieces in the Limited Edition. The image has officially been retired.

Acer palmatum, commonly known as palmate maple, Japanese maple or smooth Japanese-maple (Japanese: irohamomiji, イロハモミジ, or momiji, 紅葉), is a species of woody plant native to Japan, China, Korea, eastern Mongolia, and southeast Russia. Many different cultivars of this maple have been selected and they are grown worldwide for their large variety of attractive forms, leaf shapes, and spectacular colors.

Mt Rainier, National Park, Tacoma, Mountain, Fine Art, Limited Edition, Volcano, Land, Elevation, Eternal Beauty, photo

Fine Art Limited Edition of 50 - This piece is now 90% Sold Out with less than 5 pieces remaining out of the edition of 50. Once sold, this will never be sold again as a fine art print.

Mount Rainier National Park is a United States National Park located in southeast Pierce County and northeast Lewis County in Washington state. It was established on March 2, 1899 as the fifth national park in the United States. The park encompasses 236,381 acres (369.35 sq mi; 956.60 km2) including all of Mount Rainier, a 14,411-foot (4,392 m) stratovolcano. The mountain rises abruptly from the surrounding land with elevations in the park ranging from 1,600 feet to over 14,000 feet (490 - 4,300 m). The highest point in the Cascade Range, around it are valleys, waterfalls, subalpine meadows, old-growth forest and more than 25 glaciers. The volcano is often shrouded in clouds that dump enormous amounts of rain and snow on the peak every year.

roma frames, dragonskin, lumachrome hd, fine art, limited edition, Tabbachino, Las Vegas Art, Las Vegas Nevada, The Ridges, Summerlin, photo

DragonSkin, a limited edition of 100 shown here as a 114" Roma Tabbachino Framed Lumachrome Acrylic Print hanging in a top clients home in Las Vegas, Nevada. This was the largest of 28 total prints delivered and installed in the incredible custom home located in the Ridges in Summerlin. The entire project was overseen by me personally as part of my Experience Luxury service.

 So there you have it, my top 10 for 2016! Please consider bookmarking my website and sharing my work with your friends and family if you enjoy it. Thank you for your support!

                                                                                       Aaron Reed

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