Artist Spotlight | Stallman Studio & Jack Storms

Artist Spotlight | Stallman Studio & Jack Storms

As an artist myself, I appreciate and enjoy many forms of art. I am always amazed by those who produce incredible artistic works from scratch using materials that by themselves have humble beginnings. From time to time, I run across artists whose work moves me on a deeper level. Today, as part of my new Artist Spotlight Series, I would like to share with you two of my personal favorites. The first is the artist duo of Jason Hallman and Stephen Stum, known to many around the world as Stallman Studio. The second, a gentleman I have been fortunate to be indirectly connected with, the amazing sculptor of crystal glass, Jack Storms.

Stallman Studio

From the very first time I saw the work of Pacific Northwest based artists Jason Hallman and Stephen Stum, I was absolutely mystified. Together these incredible artist use canvas and acrylic to produce some of the most dynamic and fluid abstract works I have even seen called Canvas On Edge and Excavated Paintings.

Hallman and Stum, showing both Nationally and Internationally are a Pacific Northwest based artist duo, that merge talent and vision to create multifaceted sculpture. They find inspiration from patterns and gradients in the natural world. The duo also combined their names Stum and Hallman to create Stallman. While creating, one acts as the right side of the brain and the other the left. This union dissolves the boundaries of what is possible turning the ordinary into extraordinary.

Canvas on Edge – Stallman is pioneering a new technique and new art form using paint and canvas as sculpture, naming this body of work Canvas on Edge. They are taking canvas and paint and giving it a creative edge. Canvas has been given the leading role, creating form, highlight and movement.

The cut edge of the canvas creates an elevated line drawing and when seen at an angle, fields of color emerge as your perspective to the piece changes. Each length of painted canvas is bonded to itself and to the background creating a rigid structure within the frame. The hue of the painted canvas reflects on the background creating a spectrum of color. By using reflected light, pigment and structure they multiply the hues and tones within each sculpture.

Excavated Paintings – Jason HallmanMy paintings are layered one on top of the other, building up a timeline of acrylic geology. The field is then excavated and carved revealing layers and visions from the past. Color and textures emerge from this archeological dig as I search for a new truth and create a new story.

Every new piece that is created seems to speak to me. As a photographer who enjoys abstract work very much, the motion, fluidity and dynamics of these pieces both remind me of nature and encourage me to dig deeper when creating my own art. Lines, forms, shapes and color are all so beautiful to me and the work created by these two gentleman is mind-blowing to say the least. With gallery representations in London, Paris, Hong Kong, Dubai, Singapore, Seoul Korea and the United States, you are sure to be able to view these amazing works of art for yourself no matter where you call home.

Jack Storms Spectacular World Of Cold Glass

During his junior year at Plymouth State University, Jack snagged a job working for a glass artist who’d been experimenting with a technique that captured Jack’s imagination—combining lead crystal and dichroic glass using a cold-glass process. There was a moment of revelation. After all, the glass art arena is largely dominated by glassblowers who tackle the medium while molten. Fascinated by its potential, Jack spent a year learning the ropes of the technique. But to Jack, there was always more—more aspects to dig into, more ideas to sift through, more designs to test out and call his own.

Every one of Jack's pieces are amazing and absolutely beautiful when stationary, but once light and motion are added, the results are absolutely epic. Colors, lines, shapes and contrasts all combine and then transform before your very eyes. Only after connecting with Jack did I find out that one of his works was the glass cube in Marvel's Guardians Of The Galaxy. If that isn't cool then I do not know what is!!

Aside from Surround Art in Moscow, Jack's work can be seen in various galleries and private collections around the world and is available for purchase directly through his website. His work will also be on display inside the Marcus Ashley Gallery in Lake Tahoe, CA March 16th & 17th for those in the US who may want to view it in person.

There Is An Artist Inside All Of Us

Art, in all of its forms is beautiful and I personally feel like there is an artist inside each and every one of us. While I am not as gifted with my hands as these three gentleman are, I share a vision with them for the abstract and a love for art in general. I strongly encourage you to search out the works of all three of these incredible artists and spend some quality time viewing the artistic beauty that they each offer the world.

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