Abstract Nature Photography For Sale

Fine Art Abstract Nature Photography

This is a collection of contemporary fine art abstract nature photography by Aaron Reed. As far back as I can remember I have always been fascinated by the shapes, patterns, contrasts, and colors found in nature. As a child, I collected colored stones, minerals, and crystals, constantly amazed by the way they seemed so abstract while feeling purposeful and intentional at the same time. Grand dynamic landscapes are simply abstraction on a much greater scale. Seemingly random shapes, patterns, and textures come together, visually describing the idea that everything in this world is connected and yet individual and special in its own way.

It’s for this reason that I have chosen to look at the easily discernible world of trees and mountains and rivers, and look for the abstract that exists in all of them--textures and patterns and the fractal nature of close-up photography. After all, what is more beautiful: a field of a blanket of white snow, or the micro shot of an individual and perfect snowflake? They both have their place in any museum or gallery, but it has become my mission to make the abstract nature of the natural world have more resonance, to be more present and available. The joy I find in my photography is in finding something completely magnificent, that perhaps I’m the only person who has ever viewed, in just that way, and to capture it for all the world to see.

Does Abstract Nature Photography Make Good Wall Art?

Abstract Nature Photography makes for incredible dynamic and visually stunning wall art. Especially striking in modern homes with clean lines and contemporary decor, abstract nature photography provides both decor and a conversation piece for those who se it making it a top choice for wall art. Even natural agate and jasper, when photographed on a micro scale presents itself as beautiful abstract photography.

What Is Abstract Photography?

Abstract photography often times takes a viewer past the easily conceived or standard view of a subject and shows it in a unique perspective often using close focus, movement, interplay with light and color, form and texture. Often times referred to as conceptual or experimental photography, abstract nature photography is very rewarding and delivers incredible unique photography experiences for both the photographer and the viewer.

What Makes A Good Abstract Nature Photo?

Abstract nature photography often shows a world that exists in reality but isn't often seen. Out of focus images, shallow depth of field, intentional camera movement during exposure and many other experimental photography techniques make for interesting visual results.

Why Do People Like Abstract Photography?

Successful abstract photography requires the viewer to contemplate what they are seeing and allows them the opportunity to interpret what they are seeing through their own eyes, thoughts and feelings. Often times this may even be completely different than the artist intended and vary from person to person, allowing the image to appeal to a larger audience.