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Fine Art Abstract Nature Photography

This is a collection of contemporary fine art abstract nature photography by Aaron Reed. As far back as I can remember I have always been fascinated by the shapes, patterns, contrasts, and colors found in nature. As a child, I collected colored stones, minerals, and crystals, constantly amazed by the way they seemed so abstract while feeling purposeful and intentional at the same time. Grand dynamic landscapes are simply abstraction on a much greater scale. Seemingly random shapes, patterns, and textures come together, visually describing the idea that everything in this world is connected and yet individual and special in its own way.

Sometimes when I point a lens at something I am not trying to capture the entirety of a landscape--a river, a barn, a mountain, a pine--but instead focusing on the movement of the grass, or the pattern of the decaying wood slats on the barn wall, or the bark of the pine or the way the water dances off that river. The minutiae of the scene is sometimes so overwhelmingly magnificent that you don’t need to see the backed-up, wide-angle view. A stand of aspens where all we see are endless straight tree trunks in black and white and yellow--not seeing the roots or the branches--can be as or more visually arresting as anything that a wide-angle lens would capture.

It’s for this reason that I have chosen to look at the easily discernible world of trees and mountains and rivers, and look for the abstract that exists in all of them--textures and patterns and the fractal nature of close-up photography. After all, what is more beautiful: a field of a blanket of white snow, or the micro shot of an individual and perfect snowflake? They both have their place in any museum or gallery, but it has become my mission to make the abstract nature of the natural world have more resonance, to be more present and available. The joy I find in my photography is in finding something completely magnificent, that perhaps I’m the only person who has ever viewed, in just that way, and to capture it for all the world to see.

The work found in this gallery and across the rest of this site is available produced in the form of limited edition prints, created using materials such as acrylic and aluminum. Each print has a strict production limit of 50-200 depending on the piece in question. The museum quality work produced from this gallery arrives signed and numbered by the artist and accompanied by a certificate of authenticity for additional provenance.

Purchasing a piece from one of my collections can be completed by using the drop down menus found on every product page. Simply click on the image, make your size and surface selections, enter your personal information and proceed to check out. All transactions are completed using PayPal or Stripe payment systems. The eCommerce structure of this site is safe and secure and always kept up to date using the latest security technologies. Custom invoices can also be provided for multiple print purchases that may include progressive volume discounts by inquiring via email or telephone.

Contemporary Fine Art Nature Photography For Sale

One of the beautiful things about art is that it has a different effect on every person. One of the beautiful things about nature is that everyone has his or her own connection with it, but that’s also part of what makes every person unique. Nature is something to everyone, and art when done right is a conduit to that connection. That’s what expression is all about, and everyone who takes a look at the fine art nature photography above is going to experience some type of connection inside themselves. Whether it’s the beautiful colors, the stunning shades of light, the way in which every piece of nature photography for sale in this collection can be seen from multiple perspectives or something else, this work speaks to everyone.

Imagine having the opportunity to add this entirely new and alluring dimension to your home and/or office. Imagine the enjoyment you’ll feel not only when you get to experience this abstract nature photography for yourself on a daily basis, but the thrill you’ll get when others also get to experience it. Imagine no more – you’ve come to the right place if you are looking for nature photography for sale, as what you see above is more than worthy of inclusion in any gallery in the world. However, you won’t have to travel to experience it. Instead, all you need to do is complete your order as explained above and soon, you’ll have mesmerizing abstract nature photography adding a little something special to every one of your days.