The Value of Online Art Galleries

Five Advantages To Online Art Galleries

When looking for the perfect piece of wall art for your home or office, you may think about visiting a local art gallery on your next night on the town. While this may be a great option, I am going to share with you the five top advantages to browsing an online gallery instead.

1. You'll Save Money

You do enjoy saving money don't you? Operating an art gallery has large operating costs and has no choice but to pass these costs on to you, the consumer. This higher prices do not make your artwork any more valuable and can be quite excessive in areas of high traffic tourism or coastal hotspots. The limited edition artwork I offer online is the same, and in many cases higher quality art than you find in a gallery, all for 25-50% of the cost of investment.

2. A Larger More Diverse Selection

An art gallery has a limited amount of space and the way they display the work also is very critical, ultimately requiring a very limited and focused collection. This collection may not even be the artists best work, showing instead what is the most popular to a broad base of collectors. In contrast, an online art gallery can show a limitless collection with no space requirements or bottom line costs to consider.

3. You Can Take Your Time

Because time is money, an art gallery can sometimes feel like a pressure cooker, with gallery directors trying to determine how much time to invest in individual customers walking through the door. As a consumer who shows interest in the artwork, the personal attention you receive will quickly turn to pressure to make a purchase so they can move on to the next buyer. With an online storefront, you can return time and again, from the comfort of your own home, allowing you to choose the perfect piece of art without any pressure at all.

4. Personal Attention From The Artist

A gallery is often comprised of salesman, director and curators all fighting for commisions to pad their own pockets. Rarely does an artist work in his or her own gallery, leaving the business up to others. With an online art gallery, it is oftentimes run by an artist themselves, providing direct and passionate attention to all of their clients. This experience can be very rewarding for both the collectors and the artist.

5. A Personal Connection

Collectors often enjoy owning a small selection of one artists work vs multiple pieces from various artists. Working with an art gallery, a personal connection with the artist is never made. By supporting small business owners and individual artists online, you have the opportunity to get to know them on a more personal level, through discussions about the art and your needs as a consumer.

Below you will find a collection of some of my favorite pieces from my online photography gallery. The work found in this gallery and across the rest of this site is available produced in the form of limited edition prints, created using materials such as acrylic and aluminum. Each print has a strict production limit of 50-200 depending on the piece in question. The museum quality work produced from this gallery arrives signed and numbered by the artist and accompanied by a certificate of authenticity for additional provenance.